Pee Your Way to Serenity: Embrace Stress-Free Living Using Urine Therapy (Shivambu) with Megan MacDonald

Episode 480
1h 51m | May 21, 2023

In this captivating episode of My Seven Chakras, host Aditya Jaykumar takes us on a thought-provoking journey into the realm of urine therapy (also known as Shivambu or Amaroli) with special guest Megan MacDonald. Prepare to have your perspectives challenged and your curiosity ignited as we explore the ancient wisdom and surprising healing potential of this unconventional practice.

In the beginning, we learn how Megan discovered urine therapy and what was happening in her life that led her down this path. With an open mind, she delved into the teachings of Damar Tantra and embarked on a quest for more information, gathering insights from various sources.

Discover why Megan was compelled to try urine therapy and hear her firsthand account of that unforgettable initial experience. We also explore the rich history of urine therapy, unraveling its spiritual aspects and the reasons behind its efficacy.

Have you ever wondered about the constitution of urine or the optimal times to consume it? These questions and more are addressed as we delve into the nuances of morning urine versus afternoon urine and the recommended frequency of consumption.

We address the misconceptions surrounding urine therapy, challenging the belief that urine is merely a waste product. Uncover why considering urine therapy might be a compelling option despite societal conditioning, and explore the ailments that this practice has been known to potentially alleviate.

As we dive deeper, we discuss the link between urine therapy and cancer, shedding light on why this natural therapy remains largely outside mainstream medical recommendations. We address common concerns, such as the initial disgust and smell associated with evolved urine, and highlight who should exercise caution or refrain from practicing urine therapy altogether.

Discover the potential healing crisis one might experience during this journey and gain insights into the timelines for observing results. We unravel the reasons behind the lack of widespread adoption and provide tips on overcoming social taboos and embracing the transformative power of this practice.

Join us on this transformative exploration of urine therapy, where ancient wisdom and modern understanding converge. This episode is packed with valuable insights, expert guidance, and intriguing revelations, leaving you with a deeper understanding of your body's innate healing capabilities.

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