Yoga Retreats, The Yucatan, Hot Yoga And The Significance of Seva with Hargobind Khalsa

Episode 482
59m | Jul 13, 2023

**Please note that, due to reasons beyond my control, there are certain areas where the audio skips. I apologize for this issue. I decided to upload this interview anyway because it was a lot of fun recording in Mexico and I'm sure you will love it**

Hargobind Khalsa, yoga visionary and architect of extraordinary experiences, is the co-founder of Pure Om Hot Yoga Studios and Casa Om, a retreat center in Mexico.

Raised in an ashram, his upbringing inspired a quest to craft spaces that harmonize yoga practice and lifestyle. Hargobind's management, construction and design skills, honed in tandem with his wife, resulted in the creation of Casa Om.

With a hot yoga room, Indian furniture, a gourmet chef, and staff trained in Seva, Casa Om is their unique artistic contribution to the universe.

Hargobind is also the force behind the One Fire Hot Yoga Festival and Sat Nam Fest, expanding his impact in the global yoga community.

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