JP Crimi Talks About Changing Your Belief Systems And Letting Go Of Trauma Using Breathwork

Episode 476
1h 23m | Mar 9, 2023

Welcome to today’s episode, where we have the pleasure of speaking with JP Crimi.

Originally from Boston, in his early 20s, Jon Paul Crimi moved to Los Angeles and quickly became one of the most sought after Celebrity Trainers and Sober Coaches in the Country. 

Unexpectedly, he found himself in a breathwork class and had a massive transformation that first time. Knowing he had to share this technique, he not only began teaching breathwork but developed his unique style and quickly began selling out breathwork classes all over Los Angeles.

Jon Paul currently resides in Bend, Oregon, with his wife and two children, but frequently returns to Los Angeles to teach his sold-out breathwork classes and workshops and lead his in-demand Breathwork Teacher Trainings.

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