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My Brother's Dumb Podcast

Listeners discretion is advised. If you’re looking for subpar commentary with little to no substance, then you’re in the right place. Please join Muneer and Rasheed who are two brothers that will stumble and fumble their way through each episode. They discuss interesting anecdotes of their lives, and give their perspective on current events, weird topics, and anything that comes to mind. New episodes every Tuesday morning.

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My Sister's Dumb Podcast
Show Details32min 55s
Show Details30min 14s
Princess Castle House
Show Details29min 58s
Seed 4 Speed
Show Details29min 6s
U mean Joe Biden?
Show Details29min 49s
Hit & Run
Show Details29min 44s
We’re Back pt2
Show Details31min 38s
CrackHead Energy
Show Details56min 35s
It’s 7 AM
Show Details58min 54s
We’re Back
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Show Details1hr 5min
Talking in Riddles
Show Details1hr 2min
Best Of
Show Details1hr 9min
In memory of Riyad
Show Details1hr 8min
Phoning it in
Show Details54min 2s
Semi Recap
Show Details53min 44s
Pulling back the curtains
Show Details48min 30s
Rasheed‘s list
Show Details58min 37s
Back To Back
Show Details1hr 3min
Special Guest
Show Details1hr 2min
Muneer is a Bully?
Show Details54min 31s
51% Filler
Show Details46min 22s
Replacing gears
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Get it out of your system!
Show Details48min 45s
Broke Time Traveler
Show Details43min 7s