• S3E23 - Season 3 Trivia

    After a hiatus Marlee & Gianna are back to do Season 3 trivia! Gianna has cooked up her toughest trivia yet! Who has the worst fashion? What are the major themes of the season? Who would Marlee F***, Marry, Kill? Find out all these answers and more!

    54m - Jul 25, 2023
  • S3E22 - Graduation Day Part 2

    The Mayor's ascension is at hand! Buffy risks it all to save Angel before risking it all (again) at the ultimate graduation day battle. Psychic slayer connections, life saving neck biting, and an army of angry organized teens all feature heavily in this incredible season finale.

    1h 0m - Sep 21, 2022
  • S3E21 - Graduation Day Part 1

    Graduation is just days away! The Mayor eats a box of black magic fiber spiders. Faith shoots angel in the heart (almost) with a poison arrow. Buffy quits the council. And if that's not enough, we get the slayer showdown we've all been waiting for. How did it come to this?! Marlee and Gianna have the answers. It's the penultimate episode of season 3 scoobies!

    1h 5m - Sep 13, 2022
  • S3E20 - The Prom

    Hope your hell hounds have good taste cause it's time for Sunnydale High's PROM! Grab your sparkle dress and join Gianna and Marlee and the rest of the graduates in the episode that makes everyone cry. Prom night never hurt so good!

    1h 3m - Sep 6, 2022
  • S3E19 - Choices

    Be careful of your choices!! Should you steal your mothers earrings? Should you become an evil henchwoman to the mayor of Sunnydale? Marlee and Gianna choose to once again break down the fights, flings and fashion in this episode.

    1h 0m - Aug 30, 2022
  • S3E18 - Earshot

    In this episode: Gianna gives behind the scenes context, Marlee loves the inner monologue of the gang, and it’s CONFIRMED - Giles and Joyce did the deed on the cop car in Band Candy. Join them and get your very own aspect of the demon!!

    55m - Aug 23, 2022
  • S3E17 - Enemies

    Let’s be frenemies! Marlee is convinced Angelus is back in this wild ride of an episode, and Gianna has all the gritty details memorized.

    59m - Aug 16, 2022
  • S3E16 - Doppelgangland

    Welcome to Doppelgangland! It’s a double feature of returning characters: Dark Vamp Willow and Anya the Demon of Scorned Women. Marlee & Gianna discuss queerness and vampires and dissect some truly awful fashion. Featuring Faith’s brand new PlayStation!

    1h 6m - Aug 9, 2022
  • S3E15 - Consequences

    Things are getting DARK in Sunnydale! Marlee & Gianna discuss assault, denial and (SPOILER) the death of Mr. Trick (RIP). With a surprise TWIST at the end! Feat. the continued bumblings of Wesley Wyndam-Pryce.

    1h 2m - Aug 2, 2022
  • S3E14 - Bad Girls

    Join bad girls Marlee and Gianna for this jam packed episode! Marlee finally meets the new watcher and finds out what the major is planning, Gianna gives behind the scenes details. Featuring Big Ripper Energy.

    1h 8m - Jul 27, 2022
  • S3E13 - The Zeppo

    It’s Xander clown time! Join Marlee and Gianna for a delightful side quest with Xander. Gianna wants to boink the undead, Marlee tries to find out what exactly a Zeppo is and Xander & Faith hook up??? Featuring melodrama and cake making.

    1h 3m - Jul 19, 2022
  • S3E12 - Helpless

    Psychopath vampires, crystallography and Giles gets fired?? Marlee is suspicious about the Watchers Council, but Gianna can’t reveal her true feelings without spoilers… featuring trendy Polaroid home decor.

    1h 8m - Jul 12, 2022
  • S3E11 - Gingerbread

    It’s a good old fashioned witch hunt! Join Marlee & Gianna in this episode where Joyce tries to burn her own daughter at the stake at city hall. Featuring creepy dead children.

    59m - Jul 5, 2022
  • S3E10 - Amends

    Merry Christmas ya’ll! In this seasonal romp Marlee is finally getting the answers she demands, like what the heck does Angel want?? Gianna thinks the true meaning of Christmas is shirtless Angel.

    1h 11m - Jun 28, 2022
  • S3E9 - The Wish

    Be careful what you wish for… join your favourite podcasters as Marlee watches this fan fav for the first time! Gianna wishes she could be the slayer, Marlee wishes she could go to Hogwarts, they both wish they could pull off Cordelia’s red leather revenge outfit. Featuring Sexy vampire Willow.

    1h 2m - Jun 21, 2022
  • S3E8 - Lover’s Walk

    Calling all scorned lovers… get ready to traipse about the town with SPIKE!! In this episode Marlee has googoo eyes for Spike, Gianna has googoo eyes for Angel, they both have googoo eyes for each other. Featuring the unfortunate conclusion to the Willow/Xander heart tangle!!

    1h 3m - Jun 14, 2022
  • S3E7 - Revelations

    All will be revealed in this episode! Naked Tai Chi with Angel! New watcher Gwendolyn Post! Gianna swoons over Angel and Marlee is super into finding out more about the Watchers Council. Featuring the Infinity Gauntlet aka Glove of Myhnegon.

    1h 5m - Jun 7, 2022
  • S3E6 - Band Candy

    Welcome to back to your disturbed adolescence, it’s Band Candy! Marlee makes a bold statement that this is her favourite episode of the series so far and Gianna thinks this episode slaps. Can you guess who Marlee names hottest of the episode??

    1h 1m - May 31, 2022
  • S3E5 - Homecoming

    Welcome to SlayerFest 98!! In this epic episode Marlee & Gianna reveal their hotmail names, try to figure out what Homecoming is, and are gobsmacked by Candy’s outfit. Feat. Cordi’s spatula.

    1h 0m - May 24, 2022
  • S3E4 - Beauty and the Beasts

    Are you a beauty or a beast? Join Gianna and Marlee for this epic episode, including werewolves, testosterone demons and SOMEONE back from the dead. Marlee thinks all men are beasts and Gianna’s heart grows 10 sizes when Angel returns to save Buffy.

    1h 4m - May 17, 2022
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