MAS 092: Tomas Trajan

38m | Aug 27, 2019


Host: Aaron Frost

Joined By Special Guest: Tomas Trajan

Episode Summary

Tomas Trajan joins Aaron Frost to talk about his journey as a developer consultant. Tomas is a Software Consultant and a Google Developer Expert for Angular based out of Zürich, Switzerland.

Tomas and Aaron mention that they are both drop-outs from college and share different sources of self-learning. They both agree they did not learn programming in school.

Tomas shares some of the more interesting jobs he did such as selling websites door to door to local businesses. Aaron shares similar stories from his own friends circle. Tomas tells some of the more funny and stressful experiences he had while selling websites.

Tomas took a year off traveling with his girlfriend where they traveled without much planning visiting many countries in South East Asia. He talks about some of the funnier instances they had during these travels.

Aaron then asks Tomas about some of the challenges he faced when he was learning Angular especially when he was learning Observables.



Aaron Frost:

  • People who help their customers get off Internet Explorer

  • Custom Slugbug Car Game - The Game

Tomas Trajan:

  • NgRx 8

  • Angular Elements

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