MAS 095: Brad McAlister

33m | Oct 22, 2019

This week My Angular Story welcomes Brad McAlister, Software Engineering Lead at Sapphire Digital. Sapphire Digital does healthcare transparency software for insurance companies. Brad works on a product called Smart Shopper which gives the costs of treatment options for same procedures at different hospitals.

Brad and Aaron discuss healthcare costs specifically how complicated it is. Brad talks about how SmartShopper works.

They then talk about Brad's NG-Conf appearances and the Angular meet-ups he has started. Before he was a developer, Brad worked in IT for 12 years. He learned HTML very early on but he got side-tracked into web hosting rather than web development. He made the transition to development eventually and has been with Sapphire Digital for the past 5 years.

Brad and Aaron talk about what is important for the Angular community and Brad shares there should be a balance between being on the "bleeding edge" of technologies and always falling back on what you know. Aaron asks Brad for an example of something Brad learned to do differently in the past 12 months. Brad then talks about the projects he is working on right now and what he is planning to work on in the future.

Host: Aaron Frost

Joined By Special Guest: Brad McAlister

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Aaron Frost:

  • TypeScript 3.7 optional chaining feature

Brad McAlister:

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