MAS 099: Aaron Ma

36m | Nov 26, 2019

Today Aaron Frost welcomes a very cool guest on My Angular Story, Aaron Ma who is an 11 year old software and hardware developer. Aaron mainly focuses on on web development, self driving cars, flying cars, robotics, Python, C++ and machine learning.

Aaron started programming at the age of 5 by teaching himself HTML by watching YouTube videos. He then continued with an Introduction to CSS course. Aaron's father who is a full stack developer also encouraged and helped in his coding journey. Aaron Frost asks Aaron if he can remember what he learned from the first HTML video he watched and whether he thought it was hard to learn.

Aaron Frost asks Aaron for tips on how parents can teach their kids how to program. Because Aaron has such an extensive background with programming already at age 11, Aaron Frost also wants to know how much and how Aaron's dad was involved with Aaron's learning process.

Aaron Frost then wants to know how Aaron taught himself TensorFlow as well as what the developer community can do to support young developers such as himself. Finally Aaron Frost wants to know more about Aaron's interest in self-driving vehicles and whether he considers getting good grades a priority.

Host: Aaron Frost

Joined By Special Guest : Aaron Ma

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