MAS 093: Jennifer Wadella

34m | Sep 3, 2019


Host: Aaron Frost

Joined By Special Guest: Jennifer Wadella

Episode Summary

This week, My Angular Story welcomes Jennifer Wadella, Founder of Kansas City Women in Technology and JavaScript Developer at Bitovi. Jennifer is also a regular host on the Adventures in Angular Podcast as well as an international speaker and a kombucha brewer.

Jennifer talks about her journey as a developer and their meetups in to help support and increase female presence in developer world. Coding & Cocktails and Coding & Cupcakes are two of the regular web development meetups held by Kansas City Women in Technology.

Coding&Cupcakes is an introductory session for girls to learn to code. Jennifer talks about how most parents thinks of bringing their sons along when they hear coding instead of their daughters and what they are doing to break that stigma.

Coding & Cocktails are web development classes for women learning code where women developers can get together and share cocktails, dinner and web development tips.



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