MusicEL Pathways

In this podcast produced for MusicEL we will be exploring the many pathways in which musicians take to become a professional in their art. We will explore everything from how they started, through to how they developed their playing and became the musician they are today.

MusicEL is the platform which transforms lives through music. Giving everyone the tools and community to develop their musical endeavours on a huge range of instruments.

We have a history of teaching music throughout Cornwall, England, with over 50 years of experience teaching music as part of the council and then as a charity in our own right. MusicEL is the online presence of the Cornwall Music Service Trust drawing on its background to teach a new range of students both near and far.

Through our platform we are hosting a range of courses for musicians of all instruments and abilities to build on their playing. This also allows musicians the ability to transfer their skills to other instruments and expand their musical endeavours. Our ultimate goal is to allow you to achieve your goals to become the best musician you can be. If you want to find out more of us follow the link to:


Episode 4 - Andy Bilham
Show Details42min 10s
Episode 3 - Jamie Fyffe
Show Details39min 48s
Episode 2 - Ben Joseph
Show Details29min 58s
Episode 1 - Jamie Toms
Show Details30min 7s
Introduction to MusicEL Pathways
Show Details2min 44s