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Music and Vibes is a music podcast hosted by Keana W. Mitchell that discusses both music and relationships.


Red Flags in Dating
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Do You Have Grit in Your Marriage?
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Show Details43min 36s
Are You Feeling Alone in Your Marriage?
Show Details40min 40s
Random Thoughts
Show Details32min 21s
Repairing Your Marriage
Show Details1hr 4min
Are You Feeling Stressed?
Show Details38min 8s
Be There
Show Details30min 30s
Dealing with the Effects of Negative Past Relationships in your Marriage
Show Details56min 50s
How to Be Resilient In Your Marriage
Show Details45min 19s
Fighting Fair
Show Details50min 5s
Coping with Anxiety
Show Details44min 58s
How To Tear Down The Walls In Your Marriage
Show Details51min 16s
Dealing with Stress at Home
Show Details46min 57s
How To Cope With Financial Stress In Your Marriage
Show Details48min 59s
Being Vulnerable with Your Spouse
Show Details41min 44s
How To Repair Your Marriage
Show Details1hr 7min
Spiruitality and Your Marriage
Show Details45min 49s
Is Your Marriage In A Rut?
Show Details49min 56s
Dealing with Negative Emotions
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I See You
Show Details28min 50s
I See You
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Show Details45min 54s
Tell Me Everything
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Show Details33min 34s
Why Should I Forgive You
Show Details35min 1s
Be There
Show Details34min 19s
The Gift of Understanding
Show Details30min 52s
Feel The Snow
Show Details35min 46s
Be Grateful
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Show Details32min 5s
Choosing to Love Your Spouse
Show Details28min 9s
Something's Going On
Show Details29min 14s
Do Something for You
Show Details6min 3s
Please Come Home
Show Details24min 36s
Do Something Speical
Show Details3min 55s
Never Break My Heart
Show Details22min 30s
A Text
Show Details6min 18s
Since I've Been Gone
Show Details30min 40s
Wipe Your Eyes
Show Details31min 37s
He's A Playa
Show Details29min 21s
He Really Does Love Me
Show Details30min 54s
Let It Go
Show Details33min 13s
I'm Over You
Show Details31min 30s
Stop Blaming Me
Show Details28min 25s
All I Want
Show Details28min 49s
Celebrate Love
Show Details28min 40s
Next Time
Show Details26min 41s
Broken Hearts
Show Details25min 21s
Try Harder
Show Details27min 57s
I Already Told You
Show Details35min 27s
Just Be Patient
Show Details32min 46s
What is the Answer?
Show Details26min 28s
Happy Anniversary Month!!!
Show Details35min 27s
I Wish
Show Details23min 49s
Come By Here
Show Details20min 37s
Hard Times
Show Details20min 25s
I Promise You
Show Details26min 29s
Walk Away
Show Details24min 20s
He Cheated on Me
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Show Details22min 49s
Who Are You Talking To?
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Needed to hear this one again!!!
Show Details34min 47s
Gotta Let It Go
Show Details27min 57s
Could Have Been Anybody
Show Details28min 17s
Crying for You
Show Details32min 19s
Good Bye 2018 and Hello 2019
Show Details36min 1s
Happy Holidays!!!
Show Details26min 3s
All I Want
Show Details30min 4s
Need You
Show Details29min 50s
When I'm In Your Arms
Show Details33min 31s
Told U Before
Show Details33min 43s
My Favorite 5 Topics Part 2
Show Details1hr 6min
You Came
Show Details38min 31s
Where Do We Go From Here?
Show Details39min 34s
Never End
Show Details29min 15s
In God's Time
Show Details36min 49s
I Thought You Might Like This One!
Show Details29min 2s
Running Back To You
Show Details32min 46s
In Case You Missed It!
Show Details25min 14s
Moving On
Show Details37min 32s
You Made Me Smile
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Show Details33min 55s
The Amended Episode
Show Details24min 44s
Waiting On You
Show Details29min 31s
The Blue Song
Show Details23min 58s
The Answer
Show Details27min 42s
God, I Tried
Show Details25min 10s
God Loves Me
Show Details26min 28s
Why Women Cheat
Show Details17min 14s
I Love You
Show Details23min 10s
I Still See You
Show Details20min 55s
At the Alter
Show Details23min 21s
Hope You're Having A Good Day
Show Details16min 43s
Music and Vibes
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