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Musical Therapy

Real talk with a current musician, a former musician, and some other people who may or may not still make music. Grace Youn (string slayer) and Jonathan Carbin (cellist who got a real people job) discuss what it means to be a musician in a world that’s changing fast AF. To anyone trying to figure out their next step:  we don’t have all the answers, but we’re going to have the conversations everyone else has been avoiding for years.


5. Ezinma on Breaking the Mold By Being Yourself
Show Details1hr 8min
4. Sam Walder is Making Music Education Accessible Through Technology
Show Details1hr 6min
3. McCain Duo on Musical Relationships and Social Responsibility
Show Details1hr 26min
2. Drew Forde on Being Valuable
Show Details1hr 26min
1. Welcome to Musical Therapy
Show Details27min 56s
Show Details1min 9s