The Grammy's - Episode 1

Season 1 | Episode 1
54m | Apr 27, 2023

The Grammy Theme – Episode 1

And here we go! For our first theme, we will dive into albums that have won Album of the Year from the Gramophone Awards, AKA The Grammy’s. The Grammy’s first gave out the Album of the Year award in 1959, which gives us 65 years’ worth of winners to debate. This is a diverse set of artists from country, rock, pop, folk, jazz, and even comedy to discuss and pick winners. I’m really excited to see how this plays out.

I believe the best way to listen to this would be in chunks. Listen to the first region, and then listen to some of the songs from the albums. Then dive into the next region. Because I don’t have the rights to these songs, I don’t play any of them during the podcast, but I have included a Spotify playlist that includes all the songs I mention in the pod. Use the link below for the playlist.

Below are the time stamps for the different regions

Modern region – 5:30

Ladies’ region – 17:35

Soundtrack region – 28:59

Grab bag region – 41:00

Second, voting! I will leave this poll open for one week, 1 ET on May 4th. That means you have time to think about your vote. It also leaves you time to share this with your friends! The more voters we have, the better. Use the link below to vote. I’ll try to get the next pod up before next weekend.

Third, please follow us and share on social media. We’re on Twitter and Instagram, but we have only a few followers since we’re a new pod. You'll do us a big favor if you could help spread the word.

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And last but not least, please join our discord server. We’ll use this to debate, discuss the albums, talk about matchups, and think about future themes, and in the case of a tie, we’ll turn to our server members for a vote-off.

Thanks for checking it out! Hope you enjoy it, as I had a lot of fun pulling it together. Let’s get to the madness!

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