Dead Too Early - Episode 5

Season 2 | Episode 5
1h 41m | Aug 18, 2023

Here is the big one! This is where the full bracket is revealed. We also have a special guest join Kent to walk through the full bracket, his sister Leah or Lee-Word from the Discord server! She may not have filled out a bracket in season one, but she did call Fleetwood Mac as the eventual champion.

On this pod, we’ll chat through all 4 bracket’s top 4 seeds and their match-up from the play-ins. We’ll lay out the full 32 participants as we move toward an eventual championship. If you thought the play-in matchups were tough, wait till you see this!

Please, join the competition by filling out a bracket on this link, join the discord server to discuss, and follow along with who has the best prediction ability! Picks must be made before the next round, so please, fill one out!

If you are struggling with either mental health, thoughts of suicide, or substance abuse, please seek help. The hotline below is for people who need help.

Here is the link to vote for all of these matchups! Voting is different from predictions. Predictions are what you think will happen but voting is for your favorites!

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