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Press releases and product announcements for musical instruments, software and recording equipment.


D’Angelico reveals new semi-hollow Excel Series models for warm, vintage tones
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Godin launches the RG-4 Ultra Carbon White RN as part of its high-quality Bass lineup
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Vienna Symphonic Library releases historic Synchron Molzer Organ virtual instrument
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Blue Cat Audio releases Blue Cat's Plug'n Script 3.32 Audio and MIDI Scripting Plug-In Update
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Cherry Audio Releases Rackmode Signal Processors for Voltage Modular
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AudioThing updates Wires to v1.2 adding CLAP support
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Ultimate MIDI Plugin updates UChord (Ultimate Chord Engine) to v1.4.5
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HoRNet releases AnalogStage MK2
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Sonnet announces PCI Express 3.0 Adapter Card featuring Two NVMe SSD Slots, 16-Lane PCIe Bridge
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UnitedPlugins update Electrum and Bassment amp simulations
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Gibson unveils the limited-edition Dave Mustaine Flying V EXP ‘Rust in Peace’ signature model
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Ueberschall releases Flugelhorn 2 for Elastik
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Steinberg partners with Sony CSL and updates Backbone to 1.5 with new AI feature
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Klevgränd releases 'Fosfat - Transient Fertilizer' with intro offer
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Waves announces V14 – Latest Version of Waves Plugins
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JUCE 7 Now Available - ARA & LV2 Support
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Enter the Stratoverse: Fender launches its first metaverse experience with Meta
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MeldaProduction releases MTurboAmp with an 81% Intro Discount (+ 50% off MCabinet)
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ircamLab updates The Snail to v1.4.0 - Apple Silicon Support
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MusicDevelopments updates RapidComposer to v4.4 with MIDI Mutator added
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WIMS updates WoodSynth, Woodulator and Woodscraper with new features and NKS integration
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Tone2 updates NanoHost to v1.2.2
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Orchestral Tools release Khosso for SINE Player
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Thenatan releases "Bells" Virtual Instrument with intro offer
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Foxgear Group Launch 150W rms BARONI AFK150
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Cranborne announces C.A.S.T. Introduction Bundle
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Audeze releases the MM-500 Manny Marroquin Signature series headphones
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Focal releases new Sub12 active studio subwoofers
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Moog Music announces Mavis semi-modular analog synthesizer
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Eastwood’s Warren Ellis series celebrates 10 years with a minimalist tenor electric
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Monocasual Laboratories releases Giada v0.22.0 "Baccoo" for Linux, Windows and macOS
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Xhun Audio announces KickBeat Hybrid Bass Drum Synthesizer and the new SnapLab Collection
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Babylonwaves releases Art Conductor 8.2 - support for 20 new sample libraries (Spitfire, Orchestral Tools, VSL among others)
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The Very Loud Indeed Co. releases Mobilis II: Hybrid Scoring Percussion
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Soniccouture Sun Drums - Vintage Drums for Modern Beats for Kontakt Player
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Roland releases Jupiter-4 Software Synthesizer Plugin
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smaolab releases TarabiaMK2 Pro - Singular Morphing Overdrive/Distortion Plugin
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KeyPleezer releases LivingRoom Upright Piano Complete Edition for Kontakt
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WIMS updates WoodSynth to v2.4 with new features (iOS and MacOS and NI (Native Instruments) NKS integration on MacOS
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Sound Magic releases "Neo Piano Chapters: 1927" featuring a 1927 Steinway D Grand Piano
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Cakewalk by BandLab updated to version 2022.06
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Steinberg updates WaveLab (v11.1) and WaveLab Cast (v1.2) - New Features and special discount
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Vienna Symphonic Library releases "German Upright 1904" - Virtual representation of a historic C. Bechstein upright piano
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Arturia releases FX Collection 3
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Jim Root gets new signature model from Charvel
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A Malcolm Young signature model and a $200 parlor guitar: Gretsch unveils more new guitars for 2022
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Fender expands its American Acoustasonic range with two new all-mahogany models
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Fender introduces the Mustang LT40S desktop amp and a special Pro Junior IV
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Chase Bliss Audio announces the Generation Loss MKII VHS Duplicator, available for pre-order now
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HoRNet updates MultiFreqs to v1.1.2
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u-he and Bitwig announce CLAP: A new plugin standard
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Bremmers Audio Design adds CLAP support to MultitrackStudio
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NUGEN updates SigMod - on offer for $29
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Toontrack releases "The Sixties EBX" for EZbass
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Venomode updates Complexer to v2.5.0 - Adds Apple M1 Support
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Moog Music announce Mavis: Semi-modular analog synthesizer kit
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Witech releases BassMatrix first release for Windows (free)
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Toybox release The Tangle Pack - Reaktor Blocks
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MESA/Boogie Announces New Subway D-350 Bass Amp
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Gibson Partners with Everly Brothers Family for Limited-Edition SJ-200 Acoustic Guitar
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Keeley Electronics unveils Halo: Andy Timmons’ Signature Dual Echo effects pedal for crisp classic rock tones
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MusicDevelopments releases "MIDI Mutator" and announces Summer Sale
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Nembrini Audio releases Overdrive Special Guitar Amplifier - with Intro Offer
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NoiseAsh Audio updates NEED Preamp and Eq Collection to v1.0.9
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Fender Introduces The New Hybrid: Acoustasonic Player Telecaster
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Malcolm Toft releases PUNISHR 500 series module
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Sound Magic releases Cadenza Viola 2.0 - Hybrid Modelling Solo Viola
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Emergence Audio releases Cello Textures with intro offer
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