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Mummy Warriors Podcast

My name is Mellisa the host and creator of the Mummy Warriors Podcast.

This podcast is a platform that is created and tailored for all types of warrior mothers, fathers, step-parents, to discuss our personal journey through parenting and childhood. surviving trauma or anything that is related to who you are today. Just real life and real stories,

This is a no judgment zone, just real conversation and real life topics.

If you would like to be a gust on the show you can contact me directly via email at

My podcast airs 1 episode a week on a Tuesday .

You can also get more details on this podcast at

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Look forward to you tuning in Xx


Not That Postpartum Again! A Real And Raw Conversation With Mum Of 2 And Author: Suzanne Yatim Aslam
Show Details19min 43s
Postpartum Blues Helped Me Help You A Conversation With Mum and Life Coach Megan McLaren Who Specializes In Helping Women With Postpartum Depression
Show Details28min 18s
Preventing The Cracks From Getting Bigger : A Conversation With Licensed Professional Counselor : Alyssa Rae Webb-McCune
Show Details24min 47s
Who Are You Again ? Finding Yourself Again After Becoming A Mum With Life Coach : Kelly Fabiano
Show Details27min 15s
Healing Deep Soul Trauma With Psychedelic Therapy With : Psychedelic Guide & Integration Specialist Micah Stover
Show Details44min 53s
Let's Talk Fertility 👶👶🏽, Using Traditional Chinese Medicine With : Dr Fiona Tassoni
Show Details40min 18s
Finding Confidence After Postpartum Depression With : Ashley Lewis
Show Details20min 42s
Loving and Embracing Your Imperfections With Mum Of 2 and Winner of Mrs Texas America 2021 : Ashley B
Show Details14min 58s
Educating and Preventing Child Trafficking With Chief Executive Officer Of The Set Me Free Project: Stephanie Olson
Show Details33min 31s
Positive Parenting🙂With Children's Author : Cheryl Taragin
Show Details24min 18s
Grieving The Loss Of A Child And Keeping Their Memory Alive A Father's Story With : Hans Kullberg
Show Details48min 32s
Bringing Awareness To The Raw Realities Of Preterm Labour And Having A Premature Baby : With Nadine
Show Details22min
Adult ADHD And Anxiety In The Family From The Perspective Of A Caregiver With : Jennifer Jeppson
Show Details22min 57s
KickStart The New Year Being Fit and Fabulous With The Owner Of Healthy Fit Fab Moms: Jessica
Show Details17min 6s
Is It Possible To Transform Your Life When Everything Is Going Wrong ? A conversation with Transformational Life Coach & Speaker: Donna Tashjian
Show Details22min 21s
The Realities Of Breastfeeding And The Revolutionary Nustle by Mamas Milk Wrap With: Teran
Show Details27min 41s
Exploring A deeper Connection With Your Kids Using Astrology : With Soul Coach And Master Astrologer Holly Hall
Show Details26min 42s
Finding Spirituality After Hitting Rock Bottom With Life Coach and Reiki Practitioner: Melissa Oatman
Show Details29min 39s
Motherhood, Business and Property With Property Expert : Rachel
Show Details27min 43s
Surviving Covid While Pregnant : Gina's Story
Show Details24min 9s
Finding Yourself After Motherhood Has Taken Over With : Nita Huang
Show Details40min 16s
A Conversation With : Solo Mummy Donor Conceived
Show Details37min 22s
The Single Parent Tag : Part 1
Show Details20min 48s
Grief : Getting To The Underbelly And Finding Your Power : With Life & Grief Coach Nesreen Ahmed
Show Details27min 49s
My Early Pregnancy Journey And Miscarrying A Twin
Show Details26min 48s
Let Me Re-Introduce Myself
Show Details16min 40s
End Of Season 1 : The Mummy Warriors Podcast
Show Details2min 28s
Protecting Our Kids From Negative People And The Damaging Effects Of Having Negative People Around Them With Author - Marita Nizam
Show Details27min 19s
Co-Parenting With A Narcissist With Rapid Transformational Therapist Sarah Pacaro
Show Details56min 19s
Mompreneur Rose Campbell Discuses the Misconception Of Having A Big Family And Motherhood
Show Details31min 1s
Overcoming Addiction and Finding Independence - With Gypsy Wonder
Show Details23min 55s
Change Your Lifestyle with - Nutritionist and Functioning Medicine Practitioner Ruth Etches
Show Details34min 23s
Say 'F' You To Mom Guilt And Introduce Self-Care The Real Way - With Sarah WeKamp
Show Details29min 50s
Life As A Craft With - Charles Collins
Show Details36min 13s
From Rock Bottom To Business Women With Life Coach - Kelsea Koenreich
Show Details23min 17s
Adolescents, Mental Health and Addiction With - Richard Capriola
Show Details22min 23s
From Teen Mom to Business Women - With Jacqueline Christine
Show Details14min 4s
Defeating Anxiety and Finding Purpose and Joy with - Erin McCullough
Show Details32min 33s
A Journey To Self Love And Over Coming Post Natal Depression - With Amanda Hill
Show Details31min 19s
Dina's Story : The Journey Of Her Son Surviving Cancer
Show Details33min 38s
The Messages We Send to Our Kids - With Dr Liz Bayardelle
Hide Details29min 1s

In this episode I have a raw conversation with Dr Liz Bayardelle the author of the book Clean your plate! Thirteen Things Good Parents Say That Ruin Kids Lives. We touch on the mixed messages we send to our kids, training your Childs brain to have positive behaviors in the future, and my own experience in the mixed messages I send to my own kid.

You can purchase Liz's book via the link below and check out her websites

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29min 1s
Published Feb 16, 2021 at 6:00pm
Parenting With Bipolar and Dealing With Trauma - With Amelia Zachry
Show Details29min 11s
Introducing Meditation and Fitness to Motherhood - With Mindful Fitness Coach Cee
Show Details18min 31s
Having Difficult Conversations With Our Kids - With Dr Micah E. Johnson
Show Details30min
The Transition To Motherhood with - Shannon Parola
Show Details24min 23s
Show Details2min 14s
Mummy Warriors Podcast Promo
Show Details27s