Much Love from West Texas

Quick, which is the more impressive building - the Taj Mahal or Fallingwater? Which planet is best? Earth (yes), but Saturn is pretty cool and where would Pluto rank? If you could have any award, which would it be? Masters Green Jacket or Sexiest Man Alive? Mark and James have been buddies for probably way too long. But after just one listen, you'll start thinking about how you rank... stuff. (Best game show? Jokers Wild. Best crime to commit? Speeding.). We hope you'll give us a listen and even rank us!  


The Month Of Great Driving Snacks
Show Details38min 11s
Breaking news: Mark hates on people who don't know what words mean
Show Details42min 53s
I Nominate For President Of Everything... Heinz Ketchup
Show Details42min 39s
Destination: Booktown!
Show Details37min 44s
Stayin' Cool In Texas and Other Water Sports!
Show Details50min 50s
Hating on Hot Dogs And The Strangest Picnic You've Never Been On
Show Details36min 24s
Bugs and Veggies
Show Details27min 59s
Restaurant Bread and Denzel Movies!!!
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Happy Holidays... Or Maybe Not So Much
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Just Wait Til Your Mother Gets Home! feat. Josh Abbott
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On Your Mark...
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Drinking With Athletes
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Things Mark's Too Chicken To Try & Jame's Best Ways To Eat Chicken
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Things That Shoulda Never Been Invented & Movies That Needed A Sequel
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Where Mark Can't Wear A Shirt - Things James Wants His Car To Do
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Dangerous Fruit & Awesome Commercials
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Circular Food and Worst Ways To Get Dumped
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Glorious Fashions Of The Past & TV Characters We'd Like To Punch
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Composers & Inconveniences
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Great Women & Also Gameshows
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Sandwiches and Candy Bars
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Crimes and Bills
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Words and Planets
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Awards and Buildings
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