Mt. Pleasant UMC Sermons

This is one place where our sermons are kept. We understand that YouTube isn't always an option. So, download this through your wifi, and listen wherever you go!


Real Faith: Problem of Suffering
Show Details33min 10s
UnCommon Church Continued
Show Details27min 58s
UnCommon Church Continued
Show Details25min
UnCommon Church
Show Details28min 19s
The Uncommon
Show Details27min 40s
To God be the Glory
Show Details27min 29s
Parables: The Power of a Mustard Seed
Show Details25min 9s
Parables: So What Now?
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Parables: Are You Ready
Show Details29min 25s
Children Matter!
Show Details27min 33s
My 'AHA!' Moment
Show Details23min 56s
A Modern Parable
Show Details27min 31s