MT (Multiple Theory) Podcast

The MT—or Multiple Theory—podcast is a project by the University of Toronto Jungian Association (formerly the Jungian Society). Here, we hold conversations with artists, philosophers, scientists, and practitioners from a variety of backgrounds. Our aim is to create a dialogue between spaces that don’t often get to converse, drawing connections between the passions of our guests and some of the concerns of Jungian or Post-Jungian theory. We want to know what we share and what sets us apart, what our goals are and how we can begin to talk and work together. We hope you’ll join us on this adventure.


Cory Lewis on the Meaning of Life (Part 2)
Show Details41min 57s
Cory Lewis on the Meaning of Life (Part 1)
Show Details49min 22s
Anderson Todd (Part 2)
Show Details58min 25s
Anderson Todd (Part 1)
Show Details50min 14s
Encountering the other (feat. Eddy Wang)
Show Details1hr 27min