Mr & Mrs Blanding

Mr & Mrs Blandings," was the NBC OTR sitcom, starring Cary Grant & Betsy Drake as Jim & Muriel Blandings, a spin-off from Cary Grant's hit movie "Mr. Blandings Build his Dream House.


Mr & Mrs Blanding - 1951-08-25 (Cummings-Wyatt Audition) First Anniversary of Moving In
Show Details29min 13s
Mr & Mrs Blanding - 1951-06-10 (AFRTS) The Firehouse Benefit Play (aka Amateur Play)
Show Details24min 54s
Mr & Mrs Blanding - 1951-05-13 #017 (Pr Snd) The Blandings' Tenth Anniversary
Show Details29min 20s
Mr & Mrs Blanding - 1951-05-06 #016 Rebuilding The Old Barn
Show Details28min 12s
Mr & Mrs Blanding - 1951-04-29 #015 Hiking with the Youth Group (aka Hiking with the Kids)
Show Details24min 18s
Mr & Mrs Blanding - 1951-04-08 #012 Twin Oaks Lodge Getaway (aka Twin Lakes Lodge)
Show Details30min 17s
Mr & Mrs Blanding - 1951-04-01 #011 (Pr Snd til 45 secs into) Jim is Landsdale Justice of the Peace (aka Old Boyfriend)
Show Details29min 12s
Mr & Mrs Blanding - 1951-03-18 #009 Jim Puts 'Dream House' up for Sale (aka Selling the House)
Show Details27min 52s
Mr & Mrs Blanding - 1951-02-25 #006 Jim & Television - Friends or Foes (aka 1951-11-25) (aka Jim is on TV)
Show Details27min 22s
Mr & Mrs Blanding - 1951-01-28 #002 (Pr Snd) Susan & Joan Have the Measles (aka Measles)
Show Details22min 16s
Mr & Mrs Blanding - 1950-11-08 Audition The New State Highway (aka The New Home) (aka The New Freeway)
Show Details28min 48s