Movies That Molded Me

"Movies That Molded Me" is a movie review game that creates a definitive list of movies from our past that have in some way shaped the way we interact with the world today.


Fantasy / Adventure
Show Details1hr 37min
The Incredible Robin Williams
Show Details1hr 14min
Introducing The Fade To Gray Network
Show Details1min 2s
Live: Nic Cage Movies with JT Barnett (of Tiger King) and Michelle Collins
Show Details1hr 2min
May the 4th Be With You
Show Details1hr 22min
Adam Sandler
Show Details1hr 13min
Live: Apocalyptic Movies
Show Details1hr 13min
Disney Movies
Show Details1hr 19min
Time Travel Movies
Show Details1hr 21min
80's Teen Movies
Show Details1hr 19min
In Celebration of Black Cinema
Show Details1hr 18min
Romantic Comedies
Show Details50min 45s
Oscars Special: Predictions and Picks for the 92nd Academy Awards
Show Details22min 10s
Crime Movies with Dan Koch
Show Details1hr 14min
Best Westerns (Or are they?)
Show Details58min 49s
Sports Comedies
Show Details58min 44s
Top Movies of 2019
Show Details1hr 3min
The Movies that Molded us Most
Show Details1hr 27min