Movie Toast

Every Monday the Movie Toasters get together to fill you in on the weekends biggest releases. They're not your average film reviewers, their honest as f*ck! Some of them have high standards when it comes to movies and some have low standards. It's a no holds bard head to head debate on the hottest releases. Sometimes it gets intense! They also talk about the previous weeks movie news. So why not sit down for an hour or so and listen to your new friends the Movie Toasters fill you in on all things movies?


Movie Toast Episode 15 or Not So Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
Show Details28min 36s
Movie Toast Episode 14 or ONCE UPON A TIME IN... HOLLYWOOD
Show Details49min 7s
Movie Toast Episode 13 or The Lion King Phase 4
Show Details1hr 7min
Movie Toast Extra Slice Episode 1 or Ready or Not Lupin's Bad Trip
Show Details21min 39s
Movie Toast Episode 12 or Stuber Crawls
Show Details1hr 6min
Movie Toast Episode 11 or Spider-Man: Far from Midsommar
Show Details1hr 30min
Movie Toast Episode 10 or Yesterday Annabelle Comes Home to Dave Batista
Show Details59min 2s
Movie Toast Episode 9 or Toy Story 4 Murder Mystery Edition
Show Details59min 44s
Movie Toast Episode 8 or The Dead Don't Die on Sesame Street
Show Details1hr 37min
Movie Toast Episode 7 or The Secret Life of Godzilla King of the Rocketman
Show Details59min
Movie Toast Episode 6 or Ma Becomes Batman
Show Details1hr 16min
Movie Toast Episode 5 or Aladdin Ripens Rotten Tomatoes
Show Details48min 6s
Movie Toast Episode 4 or Don't Feed John Wick After Midnight
Show Details1hr 7min
Movie Toast Episode 3 or Pikachu enters the Matrix
Show Details1hr
Movie Toast Episode 2 or Sonic's Endgame
Show Details1hr 4min
Movie Toast Episode 1 or The Curse of Hellboy
Show Details55min 6s