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Motorsports Tech Talk

Two automotive engineers talk motorsports news, as well as racing tech and deep dives into the theories that govern how race teams from amateurs to professionals make their cars faster around a race track. Feel free to send your questions to


MTT S2, E18: Intro to Fuel Systems
Show Details1hr 40min
MTT S2, E17: Karting Troubles and Hypercar Struggles
Show Details1hr 2min
MTT S2, E16: Why Spec Miata?
Show Details1hr 4min
MTT S2, E15: Champcar Championship and F1 Drama
Show Details1hr 34min
MTT S2, E14: Intro to Differentials
Show Details1hr 20min
MTT S2, E13: March Motorsport News Roundup
Show Details1hr 16min
MTT S2, E12: Intro to Engine Blueprinting
Show Details1hr 34min
MTT S2, E11: Intro to Forced Induction
Show Details1hr 37min
MTT S2, E10: Off-Season Tips to Hone your Racecraft
Show Details1hr 15min
MTT S2, E9: Intro to Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
Show Details1hr 47min
MTT S2, E8: Intro to Engine Modifications
Show Details1hr 27min
MTT S2, E7: Intro to Brakes
Show Details1hr 19min
MTT S2, E6: Torque vs HP, Momentum Cars, and MK5 Supra
Show Details1hr 14min
MTT S2, E5: Champcar Road Atlanta, the Future of Budget Racing, and Save the Manuals (or don't)
Show Details1hr 49min
MTT S2, E4: Rolex 24 Results and Endurance Racing Strategy
Show Details1hr 50min
MTT S2, E3: Rolex 24 at Daytona Preview
Show Details2hr
MTT S2, E2: Intro to Aerodynamics - Part 2
Show Details1hr
MTT S2, E1: Intro to Tires and 200TW Tire Rundown
Show Details1hr 18min
MTT S1, E5: Intro to Aerodynamics
Show Details36min 10s
MTT S1, E4: Pratt Miller, ChampCar Drama, Abu Dhabi GP, and More
Show Details1hr 44min
MTT S1, E3: Camber Tech Tips and GT3 vs Time Attack Car Comparison
Show Details1hr 10min
MTT S1, E2: Sakhir GP, Supra GT4, Gridlife, and More
Show Details1hr 39min
MTT S1, E1: Intros, Bahrain GP, Driver Safety, and More
Show Details1hr 23min