Want to love winter? Borrow these Nordic ideas.

24m | Dec 21, 2023

How do you feel about the winter? Do you embrace the frosty air and darker mornings and earlier sunsets…or do you find yourself gritting your teeth through it all and waiting for spring? A few years ago I realized I could use an attitude adjustment about this time of the year and I thought, who better to look to for inspiration than the people who live in Nordic countries like Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland? 

In this episode of The Tea’s Made, we explore a handful of Nordic principles for good living. From cozy hygge to stalwart sisu, these words tell us a lot about the balance that allows northern cultures to thrive in harsh winter climates. So get your hot beverage and snuggle down under a cozy blanket, or, put on your boots and walk out into the fresh cold air - we’re going to explore both of these approaches to happy winter living and more.

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