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Morning Stories on the Table

ALL episodes have fantastic video version on our Youtube channel (polydott), check it out and find more fun! We have a lot more interesting content on FacebookInstagram,and also Wechat (ID:polydott) , so just follow and add us, and stay tuned!

“Morning Stories on the Table” is a Chinese-English Bilingual Story Show produced by POLYDOTT. What's exciting about this show is that your takeaway won’t merely be a story. Practical Mandarin words and phrases will really light up your day as well along the way. Led by different themes, we would pick fantastic stories and share them with you every weekend. Besides single-episode stories, we offer serial stories as well! A serial story will be divided into several episodes and they will all be told in the same week!


Nezha Conquers the Sea (哪吒闹海)
Show Details13min 33s
The Deer of Nine Colors (九色鹿)
Show Details14min 46s
The Lion & The Mouse (狮子与老鼠)
Show Details8min 49s
The Warrior and the Eagle (战士与鹰)
Show Details12min 34s
The Three Dreams (三个美梦)
Show Details10min 33s
The Robber Bridegroom (食人新郎)
Show Details18min 32s
The Lotus Princess- Part 2 (莲花公主 - 下)
Show Details9min 55s
The Lotus Princess- Part 1 (莲花公主 - 上)
Show Details9min 59s
Halloween Special 01: Baku: The Dream Eater (食梦貘)
Show Details11min 15s
Mid-Autumn Special : The Girls Who Dream (做梦的小女孩)
Show Details9min 13s
The Ruined Man Who Became Rich Again (一梦变富翁)
Show Details10min 39s