Monstrous Podcast

True Crime done by a husband and wife.


Israel Keyes
Show Details41min 38s
Buffalo Bill Continued - Jerry Brudos
Show Details27min 10s
Kristen Gilbert
Show Details20min 16s
Buffalo Bill Continued - Ed Gein
Show Details40min 30s
Aileen Wuornos
Show Details44min 13s
Nannie Doss
Show Details25min 7s
Mark Spotz
Show Details24min 23s
Possible Philadelphia Serial Killer Continued
Show Details16min 41s
Cleveland Torso Killer
Show Details32min 18s
Possible Philadelphia Serial Killer
Show Details37min 19s
Unsolved Cases
Show Details50min 11s
Serial killer: Joseph D. Miller
Show Details55min 23s
The Pizza Bomber Part 2
Show Details53min 25s
The Grim Tale of the Bluebelle
Show Details23min 42s
Timothy Krajcir
Show Details48min 45s
The Pizza Bomber Part 1
Show Details41min 56s
Thoughts Nobody Asked For: Ahmaud Arbery Updates
Show Details34min 48s
The Murder of Holly Branagan
Show Details34min 20s
Thoughts Nobody Asked For: Ahmaud Arbery and Trayvon Martin
Show Details58min 47s
Disappearance of Toni Sharpless
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Monstrous Podcast Trailer
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The Angel of Death: Charles Cullen
Show Details47min 4s
The Reinert Murders
Show Details40min 3s
Thoughts Nobody Asked For: That Whole Tiger Mess
Show Details58min 15s
The Murder of Marise Ann Chiverella
Show Details20min 5s
Quarantine Edition Episode 586
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The Murder of Laurie Show
Show Details36min 18s
Escaped from Evil
Show Details48min 54s
George Howard Skub
Show Details17min 44s
Harvey Miguel Robinson
Show Details36min 31s
The Highway Killer: Adam Leroy Lane
Show Details38min 40s
Cannibals Bonus Episode Pt. 2
Show Details44min 27s
The Murder of Frank Schoff
Show Details29min 44s
Cannibals Bonus Episode Pt. 1
Show Details43min 19s
Grady Stiles Jr.
Show Details47min 50s
Disappearance of Tracy Kroh
Show Details42min 43s
The People Collector: Gary M. Heidnik Part 2
Show Details58min 51s
Serial Killer: Joseph Kallinger
Show Details49min 21s
The People Collector: Gary M. Heidnik Part 1
Show Details51min 47s
Babes in the Woods
Show Details28min 24s
Legs in the Susquehanna
Show Details36min 36s
The Disappearance of Kortne Stouffer
Show Details26min 31s
The Murder of Christy Mirack
Show Details41min 8s