Monsters Among Us Podcast

Monsters Among Us Podcast is a call in show about the unexplained, cryptozoology and the paranormal. Witnesses of bigfoot, sasquatch, ufo's, ghosts and many more call in to share their experiences and encounters.


Sn. 10 Ep 19.5 - Bonus Episode sponsored by The Apology Line
Show Details38min 37s
Sn 10 Ep 19 - Sandman, shadowman, green hands and a northern croc.
Show Details56min 43s
Nights at the Round Table - Troll Hunter
Show Details1hr 9min
Sn. 10 Ep. 18 - Shadow people, skin walkers and several swamp beasts.
Show Details57min 32s
Sn. 10 Ep. 17 - Grab bag
Show Details54min 23s
Sn. 10 Ep. 16 - The Christmas Special
Show Details47min 35s
Season 8 Episode 13.5 - Ad-Free
Show Details31min 39s
Monsters Among Us Beyond - Episode 24 "Ghosts, bigfoot and a brightly lit rabbit hole"
Show Details50min 47s
Monsters Among Us Beyond - Episode 23 "The Great Outdoors Special, Part II"
Show Details1hr 48min
Monsters Among Us Beyond - Episode 22 "UFO's, ghosts, ghost lights and a Montana bigfoot"
Show Details57min 27s
Monsters Among Us Beyond - Episode 21 "Ghosts, shadow people and a NY Bigfoot"
Show Details49min 5s
Monsters Among Us Beyond - Episode 20 "Scariest things you've ever heard with David Flora"
Show Details53min 15s
Monsters Among Us Beyond - Episode 19 "Deep dive with Mirrored Men witness, Ray"
Show Details56min 1s
Monsters Among Us Beyond - Episode 18 "Paranormal News of June 2019"
Show Details1hr 5min
Monsters Among Us Beyond - Episode 17 "DEEP DIVE The dog-beast of Vermont"
Show Details1hr 10min
Monsters Among Us Beyond - Episode 16 "Paranormal News of April 2019"
Show Details26min 3s
Monsters Among Us Beyond - Episode 15 "Deep Dive with Mikki"
Show Details1hr 1min
Monsters Among Us Beyond - Episode 14 "March Paranormal News"
Show Details27min 20s
Monsters Among Us Beyond - Episode 13 "Glimmerman Deep Drive"
Show Details1hr 55min
Monsters Among Us Beyond - Episode 12 "News of Feb '19"
Show Details23min 54s
Monsters Among Us Beyond - Episode 11
Show Details37min 39s
Monsters Among Us Beyond - Episode 10
Show Details1hr 21min
Monsters Among Us Beyond - Episode 9 "The Mill Race Monster"
Show Details17min 52s
Monsters Among Us Beyond - Episode 8 "The Bishopville Lizardman"
Show Details21min 51s
Monsters Among Us Beyond - Episode 7
Show Details27min 14s
Monsters Among Us Beyond - Episode 6
Show Details28min 46s
Monsters Among Us Beyond - Episode 5
Show Details30min 12s
Monsters Among Us Beyond - Episode 4
Show Details32min 28s
Monsters Among Us Beyond - Episode 3
Show Details2hr 5min
Monsters Among Us Beyond - Episode 2
Show Details33min 10s
Monsters Among Us Beyond - Episode 1
Show Details13min 51s
Nights at the Round Table - Tesla
Show Details52min 17s
Sn 10 Ep 15 - Crime solving ghosts, pale creatures and the yowie.
Show Details55min 10s
Sn. 10 Ep. 14 - Shadow people, baby bigfoot and a fishy UFO.
Show Details56min 47s
Sn 10 Ep 13 - Black things, black dogs, zombie birds and a killer train.
Show Details1hr 4min
Sn. 10 Ep. 12 - A copper man, a glimmerman and a man without a body.
Show Details1hr 1min
Sn. 10 Ep. 11 - Military mysteries, a murdered woman and something peed on my tent!
Show Details1hr 2min
Sn. 10 Ep. 10 - Grab Bag
Show Details55min 44s
Sn. 10 Ep. 9 - The Halloween episode.
Show Details56min 5s
Nights at the Round Table - The Serpent and the Rainbow w/ Dr. Emily Zarka
Show Details1hr 9min
Sn. 10 Ep. 8 - Men in black, a blue fox and black eyed kids.
Show Details56min 26s
Sn. 10 Ep. 7 - Hometown Legends Part 2 (Season 9 finale)
Show Details1hr 10min
Sn 10 Ep 6 - Mothman, a giant lizard and a ghostly rider
Show Details58min 29s
BONUS EPISODE - Nights at the Round Table - The Meg
Show Details56min 54s
Sn 10 Ep 5 - UFOs, USOs, hunting bigfoot and a crying baby.
Show Details59min 44s
Sn. 10 Ep. 4 - A haunting creature, grays and little folk of the forest.
Show Details52min 36s
Sn. 10 Ep. 3 - Moaning ghosts, electric people and a mermaid?
Show Details59min 14s
Sn. 10 Ep. 2 - Mirrored men, men in black and a man without a face.
Show Details1hr
Sn. 10 Ep. 1 - Season Premiere, Museum workers special.
Show Details2hr 14min
Sn. 9 Ep. 20 SEASON FINALE - Home Town Legends I
Show Details1hr 27min
Sn. 9 Ep. 19 - Auras, banshees and bigfoot wails.
Show Details51min 47s
Sn. 9 Ep. 18 - Momo, Moose’s bigfoot and microwave weaponry.
Show Details1hr 7min
Sn. 9 Ep. 17 - UFO’s over the great lakes and a red eye through the window
Show Details51min 59s
Sn. 9 Ep. 16 - Grab bag episode.
Show Details54min 19s
Nights at the Round Table - The Curse of La Llorona
Show Details1hr 1min
Sn 9 Ep 15 - Talking trees, ladies in white & the man faced dog
Show Details52min 48s
Sn. 9 Ep. 14 - Goatmen, Snakedog and a Mothman
Show Details55min 57s
Sn. 9 Ep. 13 - A mess of monsters and more mirrored men.
Show Details1hr 1min
Sn.9 Ep. 12 - A ghost on the road, glimmerman and something killed those sheep.
Show Details1hr 10min
Sn 9 Ep 11 - Hometown Legends 3 special release
Show Details1hr 18min
Sn. 9 Ep. 10 - Stories from the military.
Show Details1hr 29min
Sn. 9 Ep. 9.5 Nights at the Round Table - The Shape of Water.
Show Details1hr 4min
Sn. 9 Ep. 9 - Bigfoot, Dogman and the Dover Demon.
Show Details46min 55s
Sn. 9 Ep. 8 - Haunted houses, UFOs and the man that shot a monster.
Show Details1hr 6min
Sn. 9 Ep. 7 - Mammoth monsters and mysterious men.
Show Details53min 18s
Sn. 9 Ep. 6 - A sasquatch abduction.
Show Details51min 58s
Sn. 9 Ep. 5 - Rotting dolls, a summer camp intruder and more pale crawlers.
Show Details50min 52s
Sn. 9 Ep. 4 - A grab bag full of nightmares.
Show Details56min 9s
NIGHTS AT THE ROUND TABLE - Dan Aykroyd: Unplugged on UFOs.
Show Details1hr 6min
Sn. 9 Ep. 3 - Bigfoot, an alien attack, ufo’s and the glimmerman.
Show Details51min 18s
Sn. 9 Ep. 2.5 - Knights at the Round Table - In Search of Ancient Mysteries
Show Details1hr 4min
Sn. 9 Ep. 2 - Lizardman, aliens, ghosts and a burned up bigfoot.
Show Details1hr
A special announcement!
Show Details12min 20s
Sn. 9 Ep. 1 - First Responder Stories, season nine premiere!
Show Details1hr 18min
Sn. 8 Ep. 20 Part 2 - Home Town Legends Season Finale!
Show Details1hr 11min
Sn. 8 Ep. 20 Part 1 - Home Town Legends Season Finale!
Show Details1hr 7min
Sn. 8 Ep. 19 - Poltergeists, bigfoot’s bones and a few strange UFOs.
Show Details1hr 3min
Sn. 8 Ep. 18.5 - The great outdoors special, part 2: Sponsored by The Sneak.
Show Details1hr 27min
Sn. 8 Ep. 18 - Famous UFO’s, hairy hands and another mirrored men encounter.
Show Details1hr 1min
Sn. 8 Ep 17 - Cryptids, government secrets and an alien abduction.
Show Details1hr
Sn. 8 Ep. 16.75 - The Hellier 2 Roundtable
Show Details1hr 6min
Sn. 8 Ep. 16.5 - Holiday ghosts, ghouls and stories, sponsored by the thrilling new podcast, Blood Ties.
Show Details41min 27s
Sn. 8 Ep. 16 - Shadowman, bigfoot, a conspiracy and a devil from N.J.
Show Details51min 42s
Sn. 8 Ep. 15 - Bigfoot, creatures, esp and a coffin in the living room.
Show Details56min 13s
Sn. 8 Ep. 14 bigfoot, dogman, mothman, owlman and an alien abduction.
Show Details1hr
Season 8 Episode 13.5 - Dopplegangers, bigfoot and shadow people. Sponsored by Detective Trapp.
Show Details41min 9s
Sn. 8 Ep. 13 - A montana wolf, a spooky car and a mystery man in the rain.
Show Details51min 28s
SN. 8 Ep. 12 - A wildman, a chupacabra and more white things.
Show Details58min 40s
Sn. 8 Ep. 11 - A special, Halloween episode.
Show Details1hr 21min
Sn. 8 Ep. 10 - Bigfoot, white things, voodoo and an alien abduction.
Show Details1hr 2min
Sn. 8 Ep. 9 - Ghosts on the road, a mystery on the tracks and another Hoosier bigfoot.
Show Details56min 33s
Sn. 8 Ep. 8 - Ufo’s, bigfoot, sea monsters and more mirrored men.
Show Details58min 58s
Sn. 8 Ep. 7 - Mothmen, mirrored men and a bunch of hob goblins.
Show Details47min 6s
SN. 8 Ep. 6 - Beasts, monsters, UFO’s, UAP’s and shadow people.
Show Details48min 14s
Sn. 8 Ep 5 - Mystery cat-creatures, giants and half a ghost
Show Details45min 20s
Sn. 8 Ep. 4 - Dogman, giant snakes, and some odd coincidences.
Show Details52min
Sn. 8 Ep. 3.5 - UFO's, ghosts and more disappearing objects, this episode sponsored by Imagined Life, Season 2!
Show Details44min 44s
Sn. 8 Ep. 3 - a mystery dog, a mystery horse and a ton of ghosts.
Show Details54min 11s
Sn. 8 Ep. 2 - The gremlins can’t keep me down!
Show Details50min 12s
Sn. 8 Ep. 1 - Terrifying Trucker Tales
Show Details1hr 19min
Sn. 8 Ep 0 - My cryptid sighting
Show Details36min 53s
Sn. 7 Ep. 20 Part 2 - Hometown Legends of the West
Show Details1hr 47min
Sn. 7 Ep. 20 Part 1 - Hometown Legends of the East
Show Details1hr 39min
BONUS EPISODE - Sponsored by the new podcast, Room 20
Show Details39min 47s
Sn. 7 Ep. 19 - A disembodied hand, more white things and a gray alien?
Show Details43min 8s
Sn. 7 Ep. 18 - Retro bigfoot, a crying tree and a black thing with teeth
Show Details54min 25s
Sn. 7 Ep. 17 - Alien communication, all kinds of UFO’s, a cloaking bigfoot and strange tales from the Skinwalker Ranch area
Show Details59min 21s
BONUS EPISODE - Roundtable discussion on the 1975 documentary “The Mysterious Monsters”
Show Details1hr 17min
Sn. 7 Ep. 16 - Glowing humanoids, a static intruder, shadow men and the screaming forests.
Show Details52min 29s
Sn. 7 Ep. 15 - A very special episode
Show Details1hr 29min
Sn. 7 Ep. 14.5 - Bonus episode brought to you by “The Shrink Next Door”.
Show Details57min 22s
Sn. 7 Ep. 14 - A scary granny ghost, a double doppleganger, a dinosaur and more sasquatch.
Show Details51min 51s
Sn. 7 Ep. 13 - Lucky #13! Ghosts, UFO’s, a noisy,Southern sasquatch and someTHING named Charlie
Show Details50min 28s
Sn. 7 Ep. 12 - A haunted car, more spook lights and a zombie?
Show Details56min 47s
Sn. 7 Ep. 11 - A gray man, an angry old woman and another glimmerman experience.
Show Details54min 5s
Sn. 7 Ep 10 - The Man Who Killed Hitler and then the Bigfoot roundtable with a few stories sprinkled in. **Language warning**
Show Details1hr 44min
Sn. 7 Ep. 9 - The Devil sends his dog, a very haunted house and an MIB
Show Details57min 38s
Sn. 7 Ep. 8 - Time slips, children in the woods and followed home by the Pigman
Show Details56min 55s
Sn. 7 Ep. 7 - Silver sphere ufos, sasquatch sounds and some weird occurrences of my own
Show Details55min 29s
Sn. 7 Ep. 6 - Ghosts on the road, ghosts in the graveyard, thunderbirds and another big black cat
Show Details55min 35s
A synchronicity filled 3 year anniversary with mothman, dogman and much more
Show Details53min 32s
BONUS EPISODE - Hellier Roundtable (some colorful language used)
Show Details2hr 4min
Grab bag episodes, randomly selected stories
Show Details51min 9s
Glowing orbs, UFO’s and one of the strangest calls yet
Show Details51min 30s
Sn. 7 Ep. 2 - Infamous ghosts, a mad gasser, a snake in the sky and more gremlins
Show Details58min 46s
Sn. 7 Ep. 1 - Death bed premonitions, bigfeet and a box store shadowman
Show Details56min 3s
Season 7 Bonus Episode
Show Details22min 49s
Sn. 6 Ep. 21 Hometown Legends 6, Part Two
Show Details1hr 7min
Sn. 6 Ep. 20 Hometown Legends 6, Part One
Show Details1hr 13min
Sn. 6 Ep. 19 A demon panther, a strange UFO and a white sasquatch sighting
Show Details55min 40s
Sn. 6 Ep. 18 Were-deer, Christmas spooks and the mother of all bigfoot calls
Show Details59min 36s
Sn. 6 Ep. 17 Grab bag episode!
Show Details54min 33s
Sn. 6 Ep. 16 Glimmerman, bigfoot, a big foot and a Christmas toy mystery
Show Details50min 49s
Sn. 6 Ep. 15 The call that made me quit for the night.
Show Details52min 30s
Sn. 6 Ep. 14 NorCal bigfoot, child ghosts and an alien abduction?
Show Details51min 30s
Sn. 6 Ep. 13 UFO’s, a shadowman and the call that kept me up all night…
Show Details54min 3s
Sn. 6 Ep. 12 Gettysburg ghosts, disappearing dogs and a weird creature in Virginia
Show Details57min 15s
Sn. 6 Ep. 11 Ghosts, bigfoot, UFO’s, you name it, this episode has it!
Show Details47min 55s
Bonus episode sponsored by BLACKWOOD
Show Details27min 42s
Sn. 6 Ep. 10 Cemetery ghosts, disembodied voices, a midwest bigfoot and the gray thing…
Show Details52min 49s
Sn. 6 Ep. 9 A very ghostly episode with a gremlin story and perhaps a mothman encounter
Show Details52min 41s
Sn. 6 Ep. 8 UFO’s a noisy SoCal bigfoot and a special appearance by Small Town Monster’s Seth Breedlove
Show Details1hr 23min
Sn. 6 Ep. 7 Cloaked figures, A U.P. Bigfoot and a new Dover Demon sighting?
Show Details1hr 4min
Sn. 6 Ep. 6 Back to School Special!
Show Details1hr 48min
Sn. 6 Ep. 5 I’m back!
Show Details45min 49s
Sn. 6 Ep. 4 A surprise episode
Show Details18min 59s
Sn. 6 Ep. 3 Astral Projection, pet ghosts and something straight out of a movie... a particular movie
Show Details48min 6s
Sn. 6 Ep. 2 A southern sasquatch, great lakes ghost and a puzzling posterior.
Show Details48min 32s
Sn.6 Ep. 1 Ghosts, Dopplegangers, a Southwest Sasquatch and a couple European creatures
Show Details58min 17s
Sn. 5 Ep. 20 Season 5 finale and our 100th episode!
Show Details1hr 21min
Sn. 5 Ep. 19 So many ghosts, a white bigfoot and a couple cool UFO stories.
Show Details49min 40s
Sn. 5 Ep. 18 Bigfoot, UFO's, thunderbirds, ghost and even a mirrored men encounter
Show Details49min 3s
Sn. 5 Ep. 17 Mysterious Cats, monstrous birds, Mexican UFO's and the ghost of a frontiersman
Show Details42min
Sn. 5 Ep 16. The ghost of an unborn twin, a creature that might have been a bigfoot and a brand new Mirrored Men Submission
Show Details50min 45s
Sn. 5 Ep. 15 A couple ghostly visits, an EVP and a creature I'd never heard of.
Show Details43min
Sn. 5 Ep. 14 A shadow person on the attack, a vocal sasquatch and a monster in the Middle East
Show Details49min 35s
Sn. 5 Ep. 13 A special episode, big cats, scary sounds and another cloaked being
Show Details1hr 1min
Sn. 5 Ep. 12 Strange beings, a whooping white bigfoot and ghosts galore
Show Details58min 46s
Sn. 5 Ep. 11 More human faced spiders, missing time, antlered entities and the Ohio grassman
Show Details43min 37s
Sn. 5 Ep. 10 Big cats, ghosts, night time visitors and a cemetery vampire?
Show Details44min 54s
Sn. 5 Ep. 9 Spook Lights, UFO's, an old west ghost and a big rig bashing bigfoot
Show Details59min 40s
Sn. 5 Ep. 8 A mothman in Chicago? Shadowmen, lunar spiders and an insectoid invader
Show Details50min 4s
Sn. 5 Ep. 7 Another giant spider, a Northwest Bigfoot, ghostly family members and an East coast UFO
Show Details46min 59s
Sn. 5 Ep. 6 The man on the road, UFO's over Utah and a up close sasquatch encounter
Show Details50min 59s
Sn. 5 Ep. 5 Ghosts, UFO's, a tall creature and a few little ones
Show Details51min 8s
Sn.5 Ep.4 An Appalachian ghost story, New England sasquatch, the hatman and a figure in the truck
Show Details56min 3s
Sn.5 Ep.3 Family ghosts, missing time, UFO's over NC, IN & AZ and some thing along the road
Show Details47min 34s
Sn.5 Ep.2 A cursed album, a skinwalker attack, UFO's and an alien in the yard
Show Details1hr 1min
Sn.5 Ep.1 Sea Monsters, Unearthly Creatures, Ghosts and a big announcement
Show Details51min 41s
Sn.4 Ep.20 Hometown Legends Season 4 finale with Robert C. Robinson
Show Details1hr 52min
Sn.4 Ep.19 Ghosts, shadow people, the hatman and more
Show Details43min 35s
Sn.4 Ep.18 Ghostly voices, weird creatures and Australian Mirrored Men
Show Details1hr 2min
Sn.4 Ep.17 Skunk ape, ghosts in the road, more ufo's and bigfoot in Texas
Show Details51min 24s
Sn.4 Ep.26 Another michgan UFO, tons of ghosts and the weirdest call yet
Show Details54min 47s
Sn.4 Ep.15 Strange men, southern ghosts, UFO's over the US and glowing apparitions
Show Details55min 12s
Sn.4 Ep.14 East Coast Bigfoot, bedroom intruders and a snake in the sky
Show Details54min 50s
Sn.4 Ep.13 A beastly dog, a hunch-back cryptid, grandma's ghost and the infamous Zozo
Show Details54min 55s
Sn.4 Ep.12 The white creature, a strange ouija experience and UFO's over Texas
Show Details54min 29s
Sn.4 Ep.11 Headless pets, UFO disclosure, New England ghosts and giant bats
Show Details49min 21s
Sn.4 Ep.10 The Halloween Special - Halloween Haunts and Legends
Show Details1hr 1min
Sn.4 Ep.9 A dogman in a ditch and a super villain in Texas
Show Details29min 59s
Sn.4 Ep.8 A white creature, alien visitors and more mirrored men
Show Details36min 20s
The Sasquatch / Bigfoot Special
Show Details34min 45s
Sn.4 Ep.6 Shadow beings in the bedroom and a stalking beast over seas
Show Details41min 43s
Sn.4 Ep.5 The black thing, Montana intruder and a first for the show
Show Details38min 30s
Sn. 4 Ep. 4 - UFO's over Texas, a handsy ghost and an unlikely visitor
Show Details32min 38s
Sn. 4 Ep. 3 - Haunted houses, an Ouija warning and a possible skinwalker
Show Details45min 7s
Sn. 4 Ep. 2 - Creature in the bushes, a giant maggot, a giant bird and a coincidental spirit
Show Details31min 8s
Sn. 4 Ep. 1 - Bigfoot in the road, a helpful ghost and a slip in time
Show Details27min 42s
Sn. 3 Ep. 20 - Season Finale! Ufo's, ghosts, demon dogs and a few special guests
Show Details1hr 21min
Sn. 3 Ep. 19 - Shadow people, menicing ghosts and a doppleganger
Show Details34min 4s
Sn. 3 Ep. 18 - Screams from an empty room.
Show Details36min 38s
Sn. 3 Ep. 17 - A voice from the forest
Show Details31min 31s
Sn. 3 EP. 16 - Ghosts, UFOs and a mysterious scream
Show Details31min 46s
Sn. Ep. 15 - Cursed land, a campfire visitor and a haunted cabin
Show Details49min 40s
Sn. 3 Ep. 14 - Ghosts and Hauntings
Show Details51min 26s
Sn. 3 Ep. 13 - Childhood Monsters
Show Details39min 16s
Sn. 3 Ep. 12 - Stories from the fringe
Show Details31min 22s
Sn. 3 Ep.11 - MIB's, UFO's, a Gettysburg Ghost and the infamous Mirrored Men
Show Details41min 11s
Sn. 3 Ep. 10 Unexplained mysteries from around the globe
Show Details41min 2s
Sn. 3 Ep. 9 - Swamp creature, big birds, big cats and a strange ghost
Show Details36min 59s
Sn3 Ep8 - Witch curse and ufo crash
Show Details33min 20s
Sn. 3 Ep. 7 - Dogman? Skinwalker? Werewolf?
Show Details36min 5s
Sn. 3 Ep. 6 - Ghost women, ghost dogs and a bigfoot attack
Show Details42min 17s
Season 3 Episode 5 - They're Back, the mirrored men make another appearance!
Show Details29min 4s
Season 3 Episode 4 - It had a human face
Show Details40min 9s
Season 3 Episode 3 - Critters of all sorts
Show Details41min 21s
Season 3 Episode 2 - Big news and flashlight communication
Show Details28min 13s
Season 3 Episode 1 - The 15 foot tall creature
Show Details43min 16s
Season 2 - Episode 20 - Season 2 Finale: Hometown Legends
Show Details1hr 1min
Season 2 / Episode 19 - And the devil brings death
Show Details29min 19s
Season 2 - Episode 18 - A satanic car chase and a crescent in the sky
Show Details22min 30s
Season 2 / Episode 17 - Growling ghosts and a little old lady
Show Details28min 5s
Season 2 - Episode 16 - Monster in the swamp
Show Details24min 31s
Season 2 - Episode 15 - Talking dolls and something in the bushes
Show Details29min 8s
Season 2 / Episode 14 - Tales from the Road
Show Details28min 23s
Season 2 / Episode 13 - Wintry spirits
Show Details25min 26s
Season 2 - Episode 12 - What's that sound?
Show Details26min 3s
Season 2 - Episode 11 - That hoodoo you do
Show Details23min 31s
Season 2 - Episode 10 - Kissing ghosts and burning men
Show Details30min 4s
Season 2 - Episode 9 - Man's Best Friend?
Show Details21min 45s
Season 2 - Episode 8 - The Announcement
Show Details9min 16s
Season 2 - Episode 7 - Halloween Special
Show Details38min 44s
Season 2 - Episode 6 - Something in the road...
Show Details22min 16s
Season 2 - Episode 5 Dancing Entities...
Show Details21min 44s
Season 2 - Episode 4 - Mirrored Men
Show Details40min 13s
Season 2 - Episode 3 - Ghost cars and aliens...
Show Details35min 4s
Season 2 - Episode 2 - Mysterious animal deaths and a ghostly grandfather
Show Details23min 15s
Season 2 - Episode 1 - I'm back with some spooky calls
Show Details29min 40s
Season 1 - Episode 20 - Season Finale
Show Details52min 33s
Bare Bones 5
Show Details11min 49s
Season 1 - Episode 19 - They come from the shadows
Show Details32min 4s
Bare Bones 4
Show Details10min 13s
Season 1 - Episode 18 People are strange
Show Details29min
Bare Bones Episode 3
Show Details8min 25s
Season 1 - Episode 17 The Horrors of Childhood
Show Details32min 29s
Here There Be Monsters: Bare Bones Episode2
Show Details5min 47s
Season 1 - Episode 16 - Very Superstitious
Show Details28min 17s
Here There Be Monsters Podcast: Bare Bones Episode 1
Show Details8min 44s
Season 1 - Episode 15
Show Details36min 37s
Show Details27min 18s
Season 1 - Episode 13 - A collection of creepy calls.
Show Details22min 25s
Season 1 Episode 12 - Grab bag
Show Details25min 39s
Season 1 - Epside 11 - Stars Watching the Stars
Show Details27min 25s
SEASON 1 - EPISODE 10 - High strangeness and bright lights
Show Details24min 45s
SEASON 1 - EPISODE 9 - Bringing down the big guy
Show Details34min 22s
SEASON 1 - EPISODE 8 - Board of the Dead
Show Details17min 21s
SEASON 1 - EPISODE 7 - High Spirits
Show Details30min 46s
SEASON 1 - EPISODE 6 - Champion Of The Depths
Show Details23min 50s
Show Details27min 18s
SEASON 1 - EPISODE 4 - A-la-cart stories
Show Details29min 26s
SEASON 1 - EPISODE 3 - Strangers among us.
Show Details22min 32s
SEASON 1 - EPISODE 2 - 911 calls that get a bit hairy
Show Details35min 14s
Show Details24min 41s