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Original short fiction, set to ambient sound. Each story is self-contained, with no two stories remotely similar, veering from plot-driven narrative to esoteric and experimental. A wild ride.


MM21 - The Box o'Virus
Show Details9min 25s
MM20 - Turner Says
Show Details12min 19s
MM19 - Piecemeal
Show Details11min 4s
MM18 - Maze Life
Show Details9min 35s
MM17 - Live Transmission From Charon
Show Details10min 8s
MM16 - The Master Plan
Show Details10min 23s
MM15 - Rara Avis II
Show Details10min 11s
MM14 - Rara Avis
Show Details10min 11s
MM13 - The Horn'ed Shadowy Figure
Show Details10min 23s
MM12 - Orang Juise
Show Details9min 35s
MM11 - Albert the Eponymous Johnson
Show Details9min 19s
MM10 - (s)Glutting
Show Details9min 57s
MM09 - Kroskau Mule
Show Details9min 17s
MM08 - A Nation Of Gamblers
Show Details7min 56s
MM07 - Bankheis.TXT
Show Details8min 51s
MM06 - aman,aP lan,aC A nal,P A naM A
Show Details7min 51s
MM05 - The Somnambulist
Show Details7min 50s
MM04 - Give the Proceeds to Charity, or Give Me Death!
Show Details8min 12s
MM03 - Good Surreal, Bad Surreal
Show Details7min 7s
MM02 - Fear Of Fiction
Show Details10min 57s
MM01 - Monometa trailer
Show Details2min 23s