• Ep 11: Roger Kahlmann – Scrotum Shaming, Comedy Workshops and the quest for a Racist Joke

    On this week’s show we mess about with the formula a bit because we have a guest with his show to promote coming up next week, Trigger Warning Tuesday, so we sit down and talk about how hard political dick jokes are to pull off, the widespread condemnation of scrotums and the time our guest asked his niece to have sex with him on stage

    Your hosts Fedor Ikelaar (NL) and Liam Moclair (UK) spend a lot of the episode holding their breath as Amsterdam’s answer to #WokeComedy, Roger Kahlmann (NL), as we have a great conversation about the differences within the Dutch and English scenes, we find out about when being Morally-Aware goes wrong and how Roger goes into every comedy show like an MMA fighter where on the lineup there is only one winner

    If you like what you hear from Roger then you can check out his new show at the Comedy Café launching this Tuesday (15/6) where he intends to push the boundaries of decency and has enlisted your host Liam to host that show in order to sprinkle some lightness on it because he is just so god-darned likeable (but still not very funny)




    47m | Jun 14, 2021
  • Ep 10: Alina Sharipova – From Vladikavkaz with Love

    The week’s podcast is a fun one because one of your host’s may have been slightly tipsy for it, let us know if you can tell who? 

    Your hosts Fedor Ikelaar (NL) and Liam Moclair (UK) sit down with the roastmaster-turned-good gal, Alina Sharipova (RU/BE) who had been a storming sensation on the Amsterdam scene before COVID hit, meaning that she had to use a therapist instead of unsuspecting comedy fans to unleash her anger on. On this episode we discuss about consent in the dog world, fighting with crazy Georgian taxi driver and how that Ajax players might be the secret to world peace

    If you like what you hear from Alina then you can check her out on her Social’s below;



    and she is also a part of the Amsterdam-based collective The Funnel

    https://www.facebook.com/thecomedyfunnel (well…I think she is, well she is now anyways!)

    48m | Jun 8, 2021
  • Ep 9: Ronan Brosnan – How To Tar and Feather Yourself

    This week we talk about Nazis flying South for the Winter, the fact that Irish weather sometimes forgets that something called Summer exists and how that IRA songs sound good in the Sun.


    Your hosts Fedor Ikelaar (NL) and Liam Moclair (UK) have on one of their favouite people in the world, Ronan Brosnan (IE) and he lights up the studio with such whimsical topics like the centuries of Irish repression suffered under the English, the POOL OF DEATH from a sketchy Spanish resort and ponders about whether, after he died, Father Ted went up into Space or Heaven


    If you want to hear more from the magical Irish comedian Ronan, then check out his Social’s below and definitely check out his Tour Guide Youtube page called Shite Guides (and we forget to promote our Comedy Collective, The Funnel, properly again);







    48m | Jun 1, 2021
  • Ep. 8: Matt Castelvi – Drunken Flexi-Nazi’s in the Woods

    On this week’s episode we discuss knuckle tattoo’s, drop some hard k’s when discussing tiki torches and talk for an uncomfortable amount of time about new porn categories.

    Your hosts Fedor Ikelaar (NL) and Liam Moclair (UK) sit down with a castmember of Boom Chicago and a powerhouse of a comedian in the Amsterdam scene, Matt Castelvi (US). Matt is a comedian from Chicago who has spent over a decade making people laugh on stage and has more show credits than I have space for in this description. Safe to say he electrifies every room he goes into and this podcast is no different, with some fun topics discussed including his experience with Latino gangs, inadvertently partying with Nazi’s and we hear about Matt’s experience at a comedy show hosted in a Thai restaurant owned by an Israeli Techno DJ…you know, regular stuff!

     If you like Matt then check him out at a show in Boom Chicago, once everything opens back up but if you can’t wait then check him out at his social’s below;




    1h 4m | May 25, 2021
  • Ep. 7: Lupe Estrada – Good Golly, Miss Molly!

    On this week’s episode we talk about the time our guest Lupe was proposed to, we Make Amstelveen Great Again and discuss the societal stigma about doublefisting (beer)

    Your hosts Fedor Ikelaar (NL) and Liam Moclair (UK) have a fun time with the brilliantly funny Lupe Estrada (US). He is a comedian who spent years in the L.A. scene before moving to Amsterdam for work and the city has been grateful ever since for his hilarious insights on life, love and comedy

    We have a lot of fun of the podcast the week with some funny and wild topics, even testing the boundaries of our guest as he threatens to walk out of the podcast on multiple occasions, Fedor realizes he is working with an imbecile when his co-host tries to use the word meta again and we all discuss the dangers of listening to Björk 

    If you like the Lupe Estrada then you can check him out on his Social’s below;



    and he is also a part of the Amsterdam-based collective The Funnel

    https://www.facebook.com/thecomedyfunnel (well…I think he is, he is now anyways!)

    48m | May 18, 2021
  • Ep. 6: Diederik Zuurmond - The Drug-Story Mothers Day Special

    We speak about Liam’s diabetes body-type, Fire-Zombies and the worst thing to hear when in comedy and introduced to a brand-new person...'You’re a Comedian? Tell me a joke'

    This week your hosts Liam Moclair (UK) and Fedor Ikelaar (NL) change the format slightly to accommodate Amsterdam’s hottest young comedian Diederik Zuurmond because, well he’s basically a child and hasn’t lived life yet so the old-ass hosts search for something they have in common with a hip student-type…their old drug stories! We speak about Ketamine dates with a young lady, which drugs to use if you’ve used too much of another drug and trips to India on Mushrooms

    If you like to hear more fun and interesting conversations about drugs and responsible drug-use, helped when the stigma around drugs is lowered, then check out the awesome team behind High Humans at https://www.highhumans.com/ for captivating articles and interviews showing you the ups and downs of drug use (Can you tell that Liam and Fedor are happy about their awesome pictures taken for the page, to be released when they get desperate and have to reach into their archives for content)

    Anyways, check out Diederik as part of the Comedy Undergradz, who are doing big things in the Amsterdam scene as well as some other links to stuff he’s doing




    38m | May 11, 2021
  • Ep 5: Zoe Brownstone - When 2 Bottoms meet a Top (Comedian)

    We find out what a job interview with a Canadian weed company is like, take shots at the level of professionalism in the weed scene of Amsterdam and discuss the Canadian Hell’s Angels


    Your hosts Fedor Ikelaar (NL) and Liam Moclair (UK) chat with the supremely talented Zoe Brownstone from Toronto, Canada who has been a powerhouse on the Amsterdam Comedy scene since arriving a couple years back and when she’s not kicking ass on stage as a comic, she can be found organizing her own successful comedy shows or even destroying at the international comedy festivals. We also forget to plug the project we’ve been working on at https://thecomedyfunnel.com/ because Liam sucks at promoting


    She sits down with us to chat about the level of excuses that comedians will go to in order to hang out together (like starting a podcast, lol), we discuss Dutch and Canadian cuisines and Liam drops the bombshell that he ‘doesn’t have lady parts, himself’ Shocking! :)


    If you want to find out more about Zoe then you can find her at;






    42m | May 4, 2021
  • Ep 4: Sjoerd Scott - Scamming a Scammer

    We find out that why Fedor doesn’t do a Scottish accent anymore, we learn how to say the name Sjoerd (and Ploerd!) and we hear about his complicated experiences with a Sugar-Mama


    Your hosts Liam Moclair (UK) and Fedor Ikelaar (NL) sit down with their friendly local Carribean TikTok-celebrity friend Sjoerd Scott. He is a comic from St Maarten who has been electrifying stages for the past few years with an upbeat comedic style and his extremely funny stories along with the fact that he runs the newly-started (before COVID) 'Simpleton Comedy Open Mic’, he is one of the shining stars of the English-Speaking comedy scene. 


    We discuss about how weird it is that Fedor is a teacher at his university, there is a minute and half laughter-break on an audio Podcast begging the question when will the comedy stages open back up again and put us out of our misery and Liam finally remembers to plug Comedy Cafe right at the end of his 4th episode because he sucks at life


    Check out Sjoerd on his Social’s below;







    47m | Apr 26, 2021
  • Ep 3: Luana Matei - Red Light Comedy

    The word ‘Gag’ is used an uncomfortable amounts of times, we find out where blind people learn the art of massage and Luana’s Monkey Sandwich consists of when a lie to get out of school went too far…are just some of the topics on discussion this week


    Your hosts Fedor Ikelaar (NL) and Liam Moclair (UK) are joined by the 3rd member of Couch Potato Comedy, the amazing Luana Matei! She is a Romanian comedian who has regularly been seen in the Comedy Café at her Wednesday and Sunday shows but before that she started her comedy career in Tokyo, helping to establish the English-Speaking comedy scene over there with her witty remarks, dark topics and loveable charm making her a wonderful host and comic in the scene. She discusses her new employment opportunities post-COVID, Fedor explains the gruesome history of the ’Tramp Stamp’ and Liam discusses more visual content on an audio podcast because…well because he’s an idiot 


    Check out what Luana and the rest of the Couch Potato Comedy team are getting up to at;





    39m | Apr 20, 2021
  • Ep 2: Neil Robinson - The Man, the Comedian, the Bank Teller

    “Amsterdam - The America of Europe”, “Canada - Surprisingly high in Bank robberies” and “the visual elements of a room being discussed on an audio podcast” are just some of the topics in this week’s episode.


    Your hosts Fedor Ikelaar (NL) and Liam Moclair (UK) have with them Neil Robinson (CAN) who is a paid-regular comic at the Comedy Cafe, one of the co-founder's of Those Dam Boat Guys and just all-round comedian extraordinaire. He tells us his Monkey Sandwich whist also discussing the socioeconomic impacts of Wealth Inequality, finding out live on the Podcast that Fedor is his father and we all discover that Neil is one of the big reasons Liam started comedy and so that is why you might want to like him.


    Check Neil and the wide range of entertainment that he provides out at the links below





    41m | Apr 13, 2021
  • Ep 1: Benedetto Zurlo – The trip of his lifetime (that could have been so much better)

    “How not to use a bumgun”, “racist sugar”, “the leaked sex tape with the bedside table lamp” and “rescuing a basil”. All complimented with terrible voice acting and spontaneous singing.


    Are just some of the topics you will find in this first ever episode in which your hosts Fedor Ikelaar (NL) and Liam Moclair (UK) receive Benedetto Zurlo (IT). Benedetto tells us the story of the trip of his lifetime. Which involves missed opportunities, wrong turns, bad planning and what might have been a kidnapping.

    49m | Apr 3, 2021
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