Monkey Sandwich

Welcome to the Monkey Sandwich podcast where every episode we have a spectacularly funny guest tell us their most outrageous story that get hilariously dissected


The premise of the show is your hosts, Fedor Ikelaar (NL) and Liam Moclair (UK), have thought ‘ Hmmm, there’s not enough Podcasts out there’ and came up with the idea to invite some of their favourite people in the world to come on and tell you a weird and wacky story (or as the Dutch say, “that can’t be true, must be a Monkey Sandwich”) and then we break this down and explore all the fun parts.


Ep 2: Neil Robinson - The Man, the Comedian, the Bank Teller
Show Details41min 29s
Ep 1: Benedetto Zurlo – The trip of his lifetime (that could have been so much better)
Show Details49min 53s