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Went Long On AUDUSD
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Happy New Year - The Year Of The Come-Up!
Show Details16min 18s Cancel My Forex Trading Account, WTF!
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Forex Trading Status On GBPAUD
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Build business credit with KCH with a Net30 account. I 'am blowing up my Forex demo account with GBPAUD
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Daily Debriefing - Friday 11/20/20: Made Some +22.8 Pips On EURGBP & Status On Open Trades
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Late Night Forex Trading Part 4: Trading The Frankfurt Session, Made 3 Short Trades
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Short on EURJPY, Ride Share Hustling, & Back At The Resale Game - OpenBox Bargains
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Daily Debriefing - Friday 11/13/20: 3 Forex Trades Made During Tokyo Session, The Results:
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Daily Debriefing - Thursday 11/12/20: Short on CADJPY Status and StreamElements Review
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Daily Debriefing - Wednesday 11/11/20: New Webcam and Testing StreamYard & Streamlabs OBS
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Daily Debriefing - Tuesday 11/10/20: New FiFine K052 USB Microphone and First Live Training Course Broadcasted via Facebook and YouTube Live
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What Is Forex Trading, Info on Money Making Jes, & Status On The $100 + Bonus Giveaway Contest
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Daily Debriefing - Friday 11/06/20: Forex Intraday Trading Failed
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Daily Debriefing - Thursday 11/05/20: Traded during the Sydney session, went long on EURJPY on 11/04/2020. and What Forex pairs do you trade?
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Daily Debriefing - Wednesday 11/04/20: Does The Forex 'Ask\Bid' Spread Really Matter?
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Daily Debriefing - Tuesday 11/03/20: No Forex Trading Today, It's Voting Time
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Daily Debriefing - Monday 11/02/20: Forex Lot Size Matters
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Forex Risk Money Management Strategy and Chart Time Frames
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Daily Debriefing - Friday 10/30/20: Three Forex Trading Golden Rules You Should Trade By
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Daily Debriefing - Thursday 10/29/20: Failed Forex Trades and Lost -52.2 Pips
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Late Night Forex Trading Part 3: Trading The Tokyo Session
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Daily Debriefing - Wednesday 10/28/20: In The Money... The Forex Trading Plan Is Golden.
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Late Night Forex Trading Part 2: Trading The Sydney Session - Went Long On AUDUSD
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Daily Debriefing - Tuesday 10/27/20: Doing all day, no trade Tuesday.
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Daily Debriefing - Monday 10/26/20: Did 'FEAR' take over my Forex trading decisions?
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MMJ's Trading Plan v3.4
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Daily Debriefing - Friday 10/23/20: Trading Psychology: Greed And Fear Will Blow Your Trading Account
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Daily Debriefing - Thursday 10/22/20: New Order On USDCAD, Went Long!
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Daily Debriefing - Wednesday 10/21/20: Yes, I made +Pips on Swing Trade of EURAUD(Short)
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Daily Debriefing - 10/20/-20: Trend-Based or Range-Based Forex Trading Strategies
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10-19-2020 Daily Updates: I Don't Want To Trade Currency Pairs(Forex) Today, Is That OK?
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To Have A Forex Trading Journal Or Not?
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10-16-2020 Daily Updates: Is Friday a good day to open a new Forex swing or position trade?
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10-15-2020 Daily Updates: What Forex Trading Strategies You Use?
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Late Night Forex Trading Part 1: Trading The Tokyo Session - LONG EURCAD & LONG USDJPY
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10-14-2020 Daily Updates: No Trades Today, Learning Forex Pivot Points\Chart Patterns, and Trading Tips
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10-13-2020 Daily Updates: Is having 'PATIENCE' vital to winning the Forex game?
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Check Your Self Money!
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10-11-2020 Daily Updates: New Trading Plan
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The $100 + Bonus Trivia Challenge - Updated
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10-09-2020 Daily Updates: Learning How To Use Moving Averages Indictors From
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10-08-2020 Daily Updates: What's my golden rule? and why can I not follow it!
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10-07-2020 Daily Update: Still Down -$330.97 with Buy Position On EURSGD
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The Trailer
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