• Green Energy: The Clean Facts - Pt 1

    Renewable energy is rising as innovation drives costs lower and begins to fulfill the promise of a clean energy future. Today, in some countries of the world, we see record-breaking solar and wind energy production incorporated into the national electrical system without sacrificing reliability. 

    In this episode, we take a look at some renewable sources of energy.

    17m | Oct 31, 2022
  • A Chat with Ivan Zhang on Having More Agency Over Your Money: The Role of Blockchain, DeFi, and Web3

    In this episode, I had a chat with Ivan Zhang, CEO of PennyWorks, former Quant Portfolio Manager, and Crypto entrepreneur.

    Ivan is currently focused on using the power of Web3 to give people more agency over their money.

    During the conversation, we discussed blockchain, DeFi, and Web3 and how these technologies can help prevent the financial issues brought about by inflation.

    For those who are tired of seeing their hard-earned money being eroded by inflation, PennyWorks is an alternative investment platform that offers access to high-yield investments with no lockups.

    PennyWorks uses the funds to make collateralized loans, one of the safest forms of lending. These loans leverage the power of blockchain technology to cut out the middleman, reduce fees, and give more income back to the investor.

    59m | Oct 27, 2022
  • How to Truly Support Your Friend or Co-worker with Cancer - 100 Acts of Love: A Conversation with Kim Hamer

    In this episode, I had a conversation with Kim Hamer. A fantastic woman with a remarkable story.

    Kim launched 100 Acts of Love, a consultancy that provides tools to help leaders increase team productivity, trust, and engagement when cancer affects the whole team member. 

    She is the author of 100 Acts of Love: A Girlfriend's Guide to Loving Your Friend Through Cancer or Loss, an easy-to-read book filled with 100 practical, quick, and effective ways to support an employee, friend, or co-worker. She's an HR consultant and a sought-after public speaker who lives in Los Angeles, where she tries not to bother her relatively well-behaved college-aged children.

    [Visit: https://www.100actsoflove.com


    If you are unsure what to say to someone with cancer, dealing with loss, or any health crisis, this free guide will change that for you forever!

    Learn the five most commonly used, but least helpful phrases you should not say and what to say instead!]

    On April 16, 2009, Kim Hamer watched her 44-year-old husband take his last breath. During his illness and after his death, she was amazed by the helpful ways their co-workers, bosses, friends, and family supported them. Kim started calling their kind actions "acts of love."

    After the death of her husband, Kim, an HR leader, noticed that managers received no guidance when navigating cancer or death on their teams. She saw how their lack of helpful tools and guidance was costly. It negatively affected employee engagement, increased turnover rates, and lowered productivity.

    She set out to change that. Combining her personal experience with her professional knowledge and leadership skills, she launched 100 Acts of Love.

    43m | Oct 19, 2022
  • Innovation in Financial Services - FinTech: A Chat with Tristan Pelloux

    In this episode, I had a chat with Tristan Pelloux.

    Tristan wears many hats: strategic advisor, fintech influencer, business mentor, entrepreneur, and board member.

    He is the Chief Pencil Officer of Fintech Review, an online fintech magazine, and the Director of Strategwhy, an independent management consulting firm. He's also a board member of Audencia Alumni, the alumni network of Audencia Business School.

    During our chat, we talked about what FinTech is all about, the trends in the financial services world, the future of FinTech, and which path is better for undergraduate studies between finance and fintech.

    31m | Oct 19, 2022
  • A Conversation with the Author of the Book: 'A Private Conversation with Money'. - Richard Friesen

    Richard Friesen, author of the book 'A Private Conversation with Money', joins me in this episode. In this episode, we talked about how to experience the key ways to financial freedom. Richard's engaging and humorous style greatly helped to solidify the ideas by pairing the appropriate comparison and tale with each lesson point.

    Richard Friesen, financial strategist and the creator and developer of the “Mind Muscles” training courses. Richard Friesen works with professionals and business leaders who want to increase their personal effectiveness with joy and grace. His neuroscience-based Mind Muscles™ model gives his clients the opportunity to achieve their goals with online training, simulations, interactive exercises, group support, and real-time decision processes.

    To learn more, visit:



    Reach Rich on:


    32m | Oct 9, 2022
  • Building a Consulting Company from Scratch.

    A conversation with Rob Broadhead, a professional software developer based in Nashville, Tennessee. His passions are broad, but he is often drawn to both sides of coaching and mentor relationships.

    This led him to launch the Develpreneur.com site in 2016 and add a podcast in 2017. Then he added a YouTube channel in 2019. The focus of the blog and episodes is to help developers advance in their career by learning from his successes and mistakes.

    He founded RB Consulting as a software development and implementation consulting company. However, after witnessing a significant number of poorly planned and designed projects, he altered the business focus. The primary focus is on helping customers put together well-designed project plans and navigate the vast sea of technology. This includes building teams/departments to address IT needs in the future as well as today. There is also still a software development wing of the company and implementation consulting.

    24m | Oct 7, 2022