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When we talk about the environment of the world, we mean the condition of the air, the water, the land, the animals, and each ecosystem. The health of one component has an impact on the health of the entire environment, which includes everything from the air we breathe to the deep roots of trees. The environment is under a lot of threat. These include deforestation, air and water pollution, climate change brought on by greenhouse gases, and more. The globe is changing as a result of numerous major environmental challenges. In the Arctic, habitat is being destroyed by melting glaciers; a startling rate of extinction is occurring for both plants and animals. It's easy to feel small and unimportant after reading that list. After all, there are more than 8 billion people on the planet.

But it's a misconception that people can't bring about change. Every individual must make their own decisions on environmental protection. Nobody would cast a ballot if everyone in a democracy decided that their vote didn't matter. Environmental protection is possible if democracy can function. Consider this: by ignoring the environment, we are all to blame for this issue. That must imply that by safeguarding it, we can all solve the issue!


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