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Mom Fears My Podcast

Mom Fears My Music is a musical entity started by Michael Hahn in 1994. With a passion for songwriting and audio engineering, MFMM specializes in sound design for film and theatre, composition, recording, and production. In Mom Fears My Podcast, Mike introduces his father, Alan, to the world of podcasting. The pair discuss music, parenting and life while retelling old family stories with new perspectives. Melomaniacs Podcast is two gentlemen who love all kinds of music and love talking about their favorite bands and albums even more.


MFMP #31: Let There Be Barb
Show Details1hr 3min
MFMP #30: Nobody Puts Alaina In The Corner
Show Details59min 42s
MFMP #29: New House, Who Dis?
Show Details59min 39s
MFMP #28: Summer Lovin'
Show Details1hr 1min
MFMP #27: Game of Groans
Show Details39min 26s
MFMP #26: Cruel But Effective Parenting
Show Details1hr 1min
MFMP #25: A New Hope
Show Details50min 8s
MFMP #24: Better Late Than November
Show Details56min 50s
MFMP #23: Septummer
Show Details58min 53s
MFMP #22: Trash Talkin'
Show Details55min 2s
MFMP #21: Choir Practice and the God of Fire
Show Details53min 44s
MFMP #20: The Long Goodbye
Show Details58min
MFMP #19: Boozin' and Dopin'
Show Details58min 27s
MFMP #18: Return of the Podcast
Show Details54min 32s
MFMP #17: April Fools
Show Details1hr
MFMP #16: Barb With a Vengeance
Show Details46min 59s
MFMP #15: Hey, You Guys
Show Details51min 48s
MFMP #14: Back in the Saddle
Show Details46min 43s
MFMP #6: Everybody's Gotta Play Baseball
Show Details50min 44s
MFMP #13: A Boatload of Stories
Show Details48min 9s
MFMP #12: Not Talking About Work
Show Details59min 48s
MFMP #11: To The Hospital We Go
Show Details48min
MFMP #10: All Roads Lead to Endor
Show Details50min 26s
MFMP #9: Sax and the Single Old Fart
Show Details50min 59s
MFMP #8: Doris Louise
Show Details47min 58s
MFMP #7: Sorry, Swamp People
Show Details46min 1s
MFMP #5: Working for the Same Butthole
Show Details51min 36s
MFMP #4: Mediumly Smart
Show Details47min 19s
MFMP #3: Tow Job
Show Details51min 5s
MFMP #2: Game of Farms
Show Details45min
MFMP #1: The King and I
Show Details34min 7s