Black + Christian = Realness, We talk about the things happening in the world from the perspective of Christian men in Society.


M.O.G PODCAST EPISODE 6 | Black vs. Christian, Cancel Culture, Maximizing Quarantine and 2020
Show Details1hr 10min
M.O.G PODCAST EPISODE 5 | Homosexuality, Self Victimization, Athlete Activism, 2020 Getting Worse??
Show Details1hr 17min
M.O.G PODCAST EPISODE 4 | Will & Jada, Racial Reconciliation, Human Nature, Greed, and NBA Memes
Show Details2hr 31min
M.O.G PODCAST EPISODE 3 | Kanye & Christian Art, Wearing Masks, Esports Scandals, and Moving Forward
Show Details2hr 10min
M.O.G PODCAST EPISODE 2 | Protecting Black Women, J.Cole and Noname, Colorism, & FOOD!
Show Details2hr 3min
M.O.G PODCAST EPISODE 1 | George Floyd, True Justice, Avatar, and Kanye vs. Kendrick
Show Details1hr 18min