Modern Musician

An educational podcast for musicians looking to grow their audience online and make a sustainable income. The host, Michael Walker provides artists with the tools necessary to create a lasting career in the music industry.


The Art Of Pitching Your Music For TV & Film With Keatly Haldeman
Show Details48min 13s
The Keys To Unlocking Spotify and Monetizing New Fans with Chris Greenwood
Show Details54min 1s
How To Confidently Plan and Execute Your Next Release with Bree Noble
Show Details41min 48s
The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Success with Tobias Rauscher
Show Details52min 35s
Building Relationships and getting Great Publicity with PR Guru Ariel Hyatt
Show Details43min 24s
Making Superfans and Monetizing in Today’s Music Industry with Social Media Ninja Rick Barker
Show Details1hr 8min
How To Produce Like A Boss With Kris Bradley
Show Details41min 40s
How To Get Your Music In TV, Film, And Commercials (Sync Licensing Masterclass With Michael Elsner)
Show Details54min 25s
How to Write Better Songs Using Sensory Writing (Songwriting Masterclass with Andrea Stolpe)
Show Details50min 58s