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MNB Playlists brought to you in a brand new (pre-recorded) radio show! Want to discuss albums, songs, music video, etc. with me? Via my blog and my social media pages, listeners and readers will be alerted when a new show is streaming on Red Circle and Tunein Radio! It's not all just talk- many episodes is non-stop, ad-free music playlists curated and edited by me.


About Those Katy Perry Accusations.......
Show Details30min 47s
Weekly Round-Up #2
Show Details54min 47s
Monday Mix #1
Show Details55min 2s
"MEGATRON" Song & Music Video Reviews
Show Details1hr 36min
Weekly Round-Up- Show #1
Show Details1hr 6min
Mid-Year Forecast MNB Songs of 2019
Show Details32min 6s
#MNBThrowbackThursday Series #6- "Fet8sh," Selena Gomez
Show Details17min 21s
"Press" Music Video Release
Show Details1hr 14min
Mid-Year Forecast MNB Songs of 2019
Show Details44min 32s
Show Details1hr 16min