138 Stef Segers - Monotools 2024-1

Episode 138
2h 26m | May 1, 2024

Immerse yourself in Monotools 2024 Part 1, the latest episode from Mixing Podcast Amsterdam, where tech house beats take you on an auditory journey you won’t want to miss. Mixed by DMC Champion Stef Segers, this episode is a masterful blend that includes well-known hits and mash-ups featuring the likes of David Guetta, Sonique, Major Lazer, and Missy Elliot.

Whether you’re driving, doing some DIY, studying, or enjoying drinks with friends, this mix sets the perfect pace to energize your day and get you in the groove. Experience the seamless transitions and pulsating rhythms that Stef Segers has woven into an art form.

So turn up the volume, hit play, and let Monotools 2024 Part 1 transform your day with the unmistakable vibe of Amsterdam’s tech house scene.

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01 David Guetta Ft. Kelly Rowland - When Loves Takes Over (JesuÌ-s FernaÌ-ndez Remix)

02 Stanley Kubrix - La Playa (Original Mix)

03 Chuckie - Hustle (Extended Mix)

04 Mr.MoudZ - Lost in Sinai (Extended Mix)

05 Jesse Jonez, Patrick Coles - One More Time (Extended Mix)

06 DJ Matt Black - Eric Prydz feat Adeva - in and out (DJ Matt Black Edit)

07 Derek Muller - Fat Burner

08 Puffy - Mason Maynard, 95 North

09 Deep Tribe - Need You (Original Mix)

10 Bassel Darwish - Place (Original Mix)

11 Ross Kiser - Tonight's The Night (JHNS Remix)

12 Save As (US) - All Nighter (Original Mix)

13 Alaia & Gallo - Back Again (Extended Mix)

14 Adolfo Gonzalez - Gansta Zone (Original Mix)

15 Jose Diaz - Tpeople (Original Mix)

16 Marta Taddei - Luna Nera (Original Mix)

17 UzcaBros - Wow (Original Mix)

18 Sonique - It Feels So Good (Ben Hemsley Edit)

19 Missy Elliott ft. Ciara - Lose Control x Blacksnipers xAlexMINI (EwellicK MashUp)


21 Dave Delly, Draxx (ITA), Steven Gray - Clap Clap (Original Mix)

22 Mendo, Techin - Rock Rock (Original Mix)

23 Bessey - Feel It (Original Mix)

24 Fer BR - Payback (Original Mix)

25 CID - Duro (Extended Mix)

26 Chelina Manuhutu - Big G

27 Mendo, Techin - Soul 2 Soul (Original Mix)

28 BizZa, Discip - In-Vision (Original Mix)

29 Major Lazer Vs J.Navas, G.Bravetti, D.Amo - Watch Out For Raw (Dj Vincenzino Mash Up Mix)

30 Truth x Lies - Understand (Extended Mix)

31 Sometimes (Extended Mix) - Martin Ikin

32 Simone Rizzuto - Flames (Original Mix)

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Mixing Podcast Amsterdam by Stef Segers