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Mixing Music | Music Production, Audio Engineering, & Music Business

Mixing Music is a podcast hosted by mix engineer, Dee Kei (@DeeKeiMixes) and Lu Moreno (@MasteredByLu). A show about mixing techniques, audio production, mindsets, business advice, and all things Dee Kei & Lu have learned and will continue to learn through their music careers.

Unfortunately, we are no longer offering free mix feedback via email. If you would like for us to give us feedback on your music, please apply at mixingmusicpodcast.com

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How to Hear Compression | What to Listen for and How to Use Compression
Show Details37min 49s
We Need REAL Singers! (Auto-Tune Tips) | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details18min 24s
Multiband Compression vs Dyamic EQ with Sonic Scoop | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details14min 15s
What Is Your Sound? | Comparing Other Engineers and Defining Tonal Patterns
Show Details29min 3s
Use Your Ears, NOT Your Eyes | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details19min 48s
Show Details16min 57s
Starting and Ending Mixes | What to Focus On and How to End Mixes Strong
Show Details58min 39s
Expectations for Mastering with Al Schmitt | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details19min 21s
5 Essential Mixing Tips with Todd Peterson | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details38min 2s
How To Prep Your Sessions for Mixing | Setting Expectations with Artists
Show Details52min 29s
Clean Up Your Effects with Help Me Devvon | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details14min 5s
The Compressor Everyone Is Afraid Of with Ian Shepherd | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details20min 36s
What It's Like Being a Full-Time Engineer | Hot Takes with True Peak Hour
Show Details1hr 43min
Do You Even Saturate? with Sage Audio | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details19min 54s
Should You High Pass Everything? | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details18min 33s
Vocal Production With Sendai Mike | A Day in the Life of a Vocal Producer
Show Details1hr 2min
Mixing is Easy? with Chris Lord-Alge | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details21min 58s
Mastering Misconceptions | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details23min 15s
The Secret to Going Full-Time with Music | Diversifying Income
Show Details24min 17s
The Mastering Process | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details30min 54s
Mix Perspective with Alex Kapranos | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details15min 54s
From Audio Engineer to Producer | An Exclusive interview with David from Mixbus.TV
Show Details1hr 3min
Mix Bus Compression with Gregory Scott | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details20min 43s
Sample Rate and Digital EQ with Bernie Grundman | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details18min 58s
Calling Out ALL ENGINEERS! | Please Stop Doing this One Thing!!
Show Details43min 27s
Mix Rejections with Dave Pensado | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details13min 11s
DI Guitars and Re-amping with David Wrench | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details12min 43s
Breaking Down the Biggest MYTHS of Audio Engineers! | Creating Success with Busy Works Beats
Show Details1hr 5min
Vocal Effects with Greg Wells | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details12min 2s
Attack and Release on Compressors | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details20min 28s
Things They Don’t Teach You in Music School | Advice for Audio Engineers in the Real World
Show Details42min 23s
Reference Mixes with Dave Pensado | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details13min 19s
Little Changes for Big Results with Joe LaPorta | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details14min 59s
Secret EQ Tool to Help Your Next Mix! | Gullfoss by Soundtheory
Show Details59min 22s
Mixing Comfortably with Michael Brauer | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details13min 41s
Stacking Vocals with Kuk Harrell | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details18min 27s
You Are EQing All Wrong! | The Importance of Subtractive EQ
Show Details24min 24s
Can You Mix on Headphones? | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details16min 58s
Vocal Compression with Joel Hamilton | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details23min 7s
Understanding Compression | Macro-Dynamics vs Micro-Dynamics with Panorama Mastering
Show Details50min 18s
Acoustic Treatment with Dave Pensado | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details18min 38s
Mixing 808s with IRKO | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details15min 19s
Making More Dollars Per Hour with Automation | Inside the Mind of Mark Abrams
Show Details1hr 9min
Respecting the Mix with Chris Gehringer | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details13min 40s
The Importance of Gain Staging | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details15min 57s
5 Mixing Tips to Try Today! | Lessons Learned From Watching Dee Kei Mix
Show Details51min 6s
Loudness, Metering, and Musicality with Dave Kutch | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details23min 59s
How Many Monitors Do You Need? | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details17min 58s
Mixing Secrets from Leslie Brathwaite! | Mindset, Growth, and Advice from the Master
Show Details1hr 21min
Adding Impact to Music with Michael Brauer | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details15min 34s
One Plugin Can Change Everything | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details10min 16s
You Are Better Than You Think You Are | Confidence vs Ability with Braeden Flint
Show Details44min 41s
Everything Affects Everything with Gregory Scott | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details24min 49s
Compression with Kevin Davis | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details30min 34s
The Most Important Skill to Go Full Time in Music | Hanging Out With Ben Wallick From Secret Sonics
Show Details53min 46s
Learning to Listen with Marcella Araica | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details16min 30s
Fixing Phase Issues with Young Guru | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details13min 32s
Show Details2hr 17min
Using Vocoder and Delays with Stargate | MMPOD EXCLUSIVE
Show Details8min 31s
Widening Vocals and Using D-Verb with Dave Pensado | MMPOD EXCLUSIVE
Show Details5min 58s
10 Reasons Why Your Mixes Suck! | Easy Ways to Improve Your Mixes with Braeden Flint
Show Details51min 36s
Speaking The Language of Your Clients with Leslie Brathwaite | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details5min 19s
Creative Drum Sampling with Finneas | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details5min 56s
Speed Up Your Workflow! | The Importance of Proper Routing and Templates
Show Details34min 4s
Mastering Lessons from Mike Bozzi | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details7min 40s
Mixing In a Car?! Ft Leslie Brathwaite | MMPOD Exclusive
Show Details13min 42s
Techniques That Actually Help You Mix Better! | Using Advice from Grammy Winning Engineers
Show Details34min 59s
You Are Doing Too Much! | How To Stay Focused During Mix Down
Show Details35min 41s
Balancing Marriage as an Audio Engineer | Special Interview With My Wife
Show Details1hr 20min
The Art of Listening | Training Your Ears and Your Ego to Become a Better Mixer/Producer
Show Details45min 15s
Stop Leaving Money On the Table | Systems with Brady from Sonido
Show Details58min 2s
Becoming an Engineer in New York | Catching up with Chasestyle
Show Details1hr 9min
Running a Studio in Nashville | Interview with Sean Giovanni
Show Details47min 24s
The Secret Art of Mastering | What is Mastering Audio?
Show Details27min 53s
What Kind of Jobs Can You Get as an Engineer? | Different Careers for Audio Engineers
Show Details44min 52s
The Truth About "Mix Tricks" | Understanding the Theory, Principle, & Practical
Show Details44min 15s
Setting Up a New Room | Questions to Consider When Setting Up a New Music Studio
Show Details31min 22s
How to Use Limiters | Everything You Need to Know About Limiting
Show Details39min 20s
How to Find New Clients | Dee Kei Reveals His Secrets!
Show Details48min 17s
Having Troubles Keeping Mixes Consistent? | The Truth About Different Mixes
Show Details29min 4s
How to Get Paid as an Artist | Why Do Artists Fund Everything?
Show Details35min 7s
My Favorite Vocal Compressors | Dee Kei's Current Vocal Chain
Show Details28min 50s
Is Moving to LA Worth It? | Things to Consider Before Making the Move
Show Details29min 54s
Looking Forward to a New Year | Setting Goals for 2022
Show Details38min 42s
A Year in Review with Dee Kei and Lu
Show Details22min 44s
The Secret to Accelerated Success | The Importance of Building Teams
Show Details21min 52s
How Much Should You Charge for Mixing? | Different Factors to Consider
Show Details40min 50s
How to Stay Excited About Mixing?! | Hanging Out with Jesse Ray Ernster
Show Details1hr 15min
Monitors and Youtube Channels I recommend | Life Update with Dee Kei
Show Details33min 32s
Red Flags in the Music Industry | Avoid These Things!
Show Details32min 41s
Should I Keep My Day Job? | The Truth About Going Full Time in Music
Show Details29min 55s
Going Through the Mixing Process with Jeff Jackson
Show Details48min 47s
What We Learned From Producing Bands | Recording Techniques for Live Instruments
Show Details32min 38s
Are You Compressing Too Much? | Interview with Mixer, Tyler Scott
Show Details34min 36s
Is Sonar Works and Room Correction a Scam? | We Have News For You...
Show Details26min 20s
You're Bass is Killing the Mix! | Balancing Kick and Bass
Show Details30min 52s
How to Avoid Burnout! | Balancing Personal Happiness with Customer Service
Show Details39min 20s
Do This BEFORE Mixing Your Own Music! | 3 Reasons Why Mixing Your Own Music Sucks
Show Details31min 19s
Let Your Audience Listen to Your Music! | The Importance of Modern Production Techniques
Show Details30min 48s
How to Make More Per Hour! | Systems with Chris Graham
Show Details54min 27s
Don't Ever Lose Files Again! | File Management and Hard Drives
Show Details39min 7s
Creative Reverbs and Delays? | Adding Depth with Cool FX
Show Details29min 5s
How to Charge for Mixing Online | Interview with Andrew about Fiverr
Show Details49min 5s
Do LUFS Matter? | New Loudness and Normalization Protocols for Spotify
Show Details23min 16s
What's the Best Computer for Audio? | All About Computers with Lu & Henry
Show Details23min 12s
Don't Use Too Much Saturation! | How to Use Clipping vs Saturation with Bob Horn
Show Details37min 49s
How to Properly Gain Stage | No More Distortion!
Show Details23min 53s
Secrets from the Master | Interview with Bob Horn
Show Details40min 19s
What is a Playback Engineer? | Interview with Dan Giffin
Show Details41min 32s
Want to Mix Full Time? | Why Recording is the Key to a Career in Mixing
Show Details29min 41s
Is Music Your Career or Hobby? | Defining the Difference Between Hobby and Career
Show Details30min 43s
Vocal Production Tips and Techniques! | Get Better Vocals
Show Details35min 35s
Mix Breakdown with Michael Van Wagoner! | BONUS EPISODE
Show Details32min 5s
How to Make It In the Music Industry | Balancing Work and Life
Show Details41min 52s
Don't Let Your Mixes Get Foggy! | Uncovering Masking Frequencies
Show Details23min 46s
5 Things Overlooked by New Engineers! | Don't Forget to Do These Things!!
Show Details25min 3s
Mixing and Mastering Plugins from Izotope
Show Details27min 3s
Mistakes Make You Money! | The Power of Learning Through Mistakes
Show Details31min 4s
Why is Antares the Industry Standard for Auto-Tune? | Auto Tune Unlimited with Henrik
Show Details36min 34s
Lessons from Lu | Birthday Special with Lu Moreno!
Show Details31min 47s
The Secret to Success! | Staying Open Minded and Curious
Show Details18min 51s
Soundproof vs Acoustic Treatment | What's the Difference?
Show Details18min 47s
Get Better FASTER! | 5 Tips to Help Improve Your Mixing
Show Details29min 6s
USE YOUR EARS! | The Power of the Bypass
Show Details19min 28s
Equipment We Use and Recommend | Gear Alert!
Show Details34min 57s
What New Plugins Are We Using? | Plugin Updates
Show Details32min 40s
Hanging Out with Chris Brown's Engineer, TEEZIO | Mixing, Monitoring, Just Chatting
Show Details46min 16s
How Much to Charge for Your Work | INTRO MUSIC COMPETITION $100 PRIZE!
Show Details29min 7s
Special Production Techniques, Touring, and Songwriting with Special Guests, SEGO
Show Details46min 15s
Celebrating Black Music with Gary Biddy | The Beauty of Trauma and Truth
Show Details29min 21s
Analog Vs Digital | The Final Conversation
Show Details42min 54s
All About Dynamics! | LUFS, Compression, Loudness Wars, Etc
Show Details22min 5s
How to Use Reverbs! | Pre-Delay, Types, Tones, etc
Show Details20min 41s
Cutting VS Boosting | What to Do With EQ
Show Details32min 28s
The Ultimate Advice for NEXT LEVEL Mixing | Use Your Heart, Not Your Ears
Show Details27min 10s
How to Not Get Fired | 10 Rules of Studio Ettiquette
Show Details30min 37s
How to Make Mo' Money From Music | Picking a Niche VS Expanding Your Skillset
Show Details28min 18s
How to Start a Mix and How to Know It's Done | TEMPLATE GIVEAWAY!
Show Details26min 51s
How To Grow Your Music Business | How to Advance Your Career
Show Details28min 12s
Show Details29min 25s
I Bought New Plugins! | Plugins Update and Announcements
Show Details16min 51s
How To Mix 808s | Low End with DJ ICEE
Show Details31min 12s
Working with J Cole's Label, Dreamville | An Interview with DJ Icee
Show Details29min 12s
What is Music Production? | All the Stages and Steps of Music Production
Show Details23min 6s
How to Gain Confidence as a Music Professional | The Steps of Self-Improvement
Show Details28min 45s
Choosing the Best Vocal Microphone | Mics 101
Show Details27min 44s
The Truth about Home Studios | How to Get Better Productions at Home
Show Details28min 34s
Why are Studio Monitors Important? | The Truth About Monitoring
Show Details23min 15s
How to Get More Clients | Customer Service 101
Show Details30min 49s
Learning How to Record with Shaun (@rawtechstudios) | Hip-Hop Audio School
Show Details28min 12s
CHECK OUT THIS PLUGIN! | Gullfoss by Soundtheory
Show Details26min 35s
ANNOUNCEMENTS | Dee Kei Had Another Baby!
Show Details3min 24s
How to Mix Vocals to a 2-Track | The Truth About Mixing Vocals
Show Details30min 4s
How to Convert More Clients | Adapting in the Recording Studio
Show Details32min 49s
How to Market Your Music 101 | How to Think About The Business of Being an Artist
Show Details33min 5s
Is Outboard Gear Important? | Dee Kei and Lu Discuss Using Analog Gear
Show Details33min 7s
RETROSPECT IS A B*TCH! | How to Balance Confidence and Humility
Show Details28min 37s
Lessons We Learned from Recording | How Tracking Has Helped Our Mixing
Show Details32min 29s
How to Use Dynamic EQs | Why We Love to Use Dynamic EQs
Show Details24min 1s
Mixes That "Translate" | The Importance of Checking Mixes on Different Devices
Show Details17min 24s
Speed is EVERYTHING | Efficiency in the Studio
Show Details11min 28s
My Top 3 Most Used Plugins | Thoughts on EQ, Saturation, and Compression
Show Details11min 54s
How to Prepare Your Files For a Mix Engineer | Free Mix Prep Guide
Show Details18min 50s
F*ck Your Excuses | Believe in Yourself
Show Details22min 14s
How to Get Vocals Bright Without Getting Harsh | The Perfect Top End
Show Details16min 36s
Gain Stage | Keeping a Low Noise Floor
Show Details12min 44s
4 Steps to Better Music Production | How to Make Better Music
Show Details26min 12s
Mixing Q&A | Warren Huart from Produce Like A Pro (Pt. 2)
Show Details22min 51s
How To Get Better At Mixing | Should I Go To School To Study Audio?
Show Details16min 16s
Quick Announcement & The Importance of Passion | Why You Need To Believe In Yourself
Show Details15min 27s
Communication is KEY | How to Have Happier Clients
Show Details12min 41s
How to Get Better Recordings | Warren Huart from Produce Like A Pro
Show Details29min 17s
Song Breakdown | The Importance of Good Songwriting with Michael Van Wagoner
Show Details29min 57s
Vocal Microphones, Headphones, & Finding Your Niche | FAQ with Dee Kei
Show Details26min 31s
The Benefits of Moving to LA | Interview with Ryad Chaoui Part 2
Show Details33min 42s
Dropping Everything and Moving to LA | Interview with Ryad Chaoui Part 1
Show Details31min 47s
Free Resources and Online Class Available Now! | Get Real Sessions to Practice On
Show Details1min 47s
Mixing Wyclef, YBN Cordae, & Many Others | Interview with Alejandro "TOCH" Fontanez
Show Details27min 58s
Analog vs Digital | Why I Prefer Plugins (In The Box) Over Outboard Gear (Analog)
Show Details15min 20s
Eq & Compression pt2 | Quit Using It so Damn Much.
Show Details17min 21s
The Truth About Presets and Templates | Expanding Your Musical Repertoire
Show Details13min 20s
Mix Breakdown | Funk, Lo-Fi, and Distortion with Salt
Show Details16min 45s
Should You be Charging More? | Building your Music Business with Kaden Killpack
Show Details25min 55s
Why Your Mixes Suck! | The Importance of Referencing and Critical Listening
Show Details18min 55s
Signal Flow, Routing, Gain-Staging, Recording Vocals, & Recording Drums | FAQ with Dee Kei
Show Details21min 58s
Being Efficient in the Studio | Using Bounce Butler with Chris Graham Mastering!
Show Details28min 27s
NAMM Special | Visiting Different Companies at NAMM 2020
Show Details10min 48s
NAMM Special with Grammy Nominated Mixer Jesse Ray Ernster (@jesseraymix)
Show Details27min
EQ Techniques | Discussing EQ with Shaun from Raw Technique Studios
Show Details28min 2s
Mix Breakdown | Getting the Perfect Low-End with Nels and Meikan
Show Details24min 39s
PLUGINS! | Some of Dee Kei's Favorites
Show Details17min 39s
How to Make Money From Music | 3 Misconceptions About Music Careers
Show Details21min 35s
What is Saturation and How to Use It | Make Your Mix SLAM!!
Show Details19min 32s
Black Friday Purchases | Dee Kei Shares Some Personal Thoughts
Show Details16min 17s
Why Monitoring is So Important! | The Most Important Gear in Your Studio
Show Details13min 42s
Common Mix Mistakes to Avoid! | Watch For These 3 Things That May Ruin Your Mix!
Show Details10min 14s
Mixing Misconceptions | What Is Mixing Pt2
Show Details14min 52s
Lessons I Learned at AES 2019 | What Grammy Winning Engineers Have in Common
Show Details16min 58s
Using Antares Plugins | Henrik Bridger Explains How Antares is Helping Producers and Mix Engineers Around the World
Show Details14min 50s
How To Become More Effective By Using The 80/20 Principle | Brian Hood From FilePass & The Six-Figure Home Studio
Show Details24min 32s
Should You Master Your Own Mix? | Streaky Mastering
Show Details16min 26s
How to Get More Clients | Quick Ways to Increase Your Clientele
Show Details17min 57s
How to Treat Background Vocals | With Leo Cashin
Show Details26min 47s
The Importance of Confidence | How Believing in Yourself Makes Your Clients Happier
Show Details18min 53s
The Importance of Social Media | Shaun from @RawTechStudios
Show Details10min 3s
Common Mix Mistakes | Shaun from Raw Technique Studios
Show Details10min 14s
How to Deal With Crappy Clients | Patience is Your Job with Juan Don
Show Details15min 9s
Mix Breakdown | Talking with Jesse Ray Ernster About Burna Boy's New Album
Show Details17min 25s
Distortion and Dithering | Ryan Morris
Show Details14min 3s
Vocal Chain | How I Process Pop Vocals
Show Details11min 50s
Charging Money | How to Charge Your Clients
Show Details13min 34s
What is Mastering? | Ryan Morris
Show Details14min 8s
Failure and Fear
Show Details16min 3s
Networking | What We Do Is 95% People Skills
Show Details11min 56s
How to Spend Your Money | What to Buy
Show Details14min 41s
Motivation | How to Stay Motivated
Show Details17min 29s
Compression and EQ
Show Details17min 39s
Mix With the Masters | Lessons I Learned From Leslie Brathwaite
Show Details24min 23s
Systems and Websites | How to Be More Efficient
Show Details16min 15s
Studio Gear | What Equipment Should You Buy?
Show Details17min 9s
So You Want To Be a Mix Engineer? | How to Get Started
Show Details22min 52s
What is Mixing? | The Basics of Mixing Music
Show Details11min 52s
Giving and Receiving Feedback | Why Most Feedback Sucks!
Show Details14min 10s
Welcome to Mixing Music | The Ultimate Guide for Aspiring Mixing Engineers and Music Producers
Show Details1min 54s