Mistakenly Apologetic

After three years of friendship and an endless amount of hours spent on video calls cross continents, we decided to archive our conversations. The notion of starting a podcast, for the longest while, has been too narcissistic for us to look into. However, we wanted to keep our messy, unstyled, provoked and heartfelt talks in one place, track our lives unapologetically which almost always leads to us being mistakenly apologetic.

Join us, as we discover our lives as two young women living one in Milan (Italy) and the other in Makeni (Sierra Leone) trying to become two full functional adults in the age of a crazy pandemic, economic recession, insane elections and environmental crisis. That’s not all of it, but listen and you will find out for yourself. At the end this is just a loose podcast. Very looose!

Created and produced cross continent, thanks to the magic of internet and our humble use of modern technologies


#5 Asked Away, attempt one
Show Details20min 41s
#4 Beauty Bites
Show Details29min 38s
#3 Old dogs New tricks
Show Details31min 37s
#2 I love Boundaries
Show Details27min 12s
#1 So Random
Show Details28min 38s
#0 Welcome to Mistakenly Apologetic
Show Details28min 49s