Sword Art Online: AOD | S5E9 | A Grand Entrance

1h 9m | Feb 18, 2024

Escorted by Drydus and Kelly, the group tries to sneak into the underwater capital of Thasselia. Does the stealthy approach work? Doubtful, I mean we all know who we are dealing with. But one suprise lies in store this episode. A familiar face! Who I hear you beckon? Find out this week on the AOD campaign!

Parental Note: Please be sure our content is appropriate for your family. We would rate it as PG-13 for content.


Sword Art Online: AOD is an actual play podcast that follows the story of the "Antithesis of Darkness" guild on their journey to simply survive being trapped inside of an MMORPG world. This ain't your mommas' Sword Art Online. Now put on your nerve gear and prepare to shout "link start!"

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Artlist - (Ty Simon - Inspector Ratchet, Jakub Pietras - Solving the Mystery, Following the Suspect; The Imperial Ark - Francesco D'Andrea; Adventure Awaits - Gerald Clark Audio)


Michael Ghelfi Studios (Mage Prison - Calm, Vault of Untold Treasures)


Monument Studios (Contemplation Loop, Corruption B, Detective Synths, Emberheart Castle, The Hero, Magic Harp, )

Other Music and Sounds by Syrinscape Link: Because Epic Games Need Epic Sounds 

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