The Gate Chronicles | S1E73 | A Spot of Tea and Lore

Season 1 | Episode 73
52m | Dec 24, 2023

The party is split. Finavir was taken to the cathedral and Charles was permitted to obtain his things from Mrs. Pot's before unceremoniously shipped off. Today we focus on the events that transpired with Charles Smoot.

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The Gate Chronicles (aka TGC) is an actual play RPG run in the Pathfinder RPG system. It is the second series running concurrently with Sword Art Online: AOD.

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Epidemic Sounds (Alon Ohana - Turkish Spirit, Mistrial; Alon Peretz - Peasants Courtyard)


Michael Ghelfi (Abandoned Cottage (Night), Prison, Torchlit Dungeon)


Monument Studios (Ambient Choir, Background Harp Theme, Emotional Atmos C, Old Town)


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