The Gate Chronicles | S1E72 | What Happens After

Season 1 | Episode 72
1h 1m | Dec 10, 2023

 Finavir's attempt to escape was quickly put to an end when he was apprehended by the colosseum guards. But not long after, a gladiator, Seraphius, came to fetch Charles on Knight Revenant's orders. After hearing of the prisoner's attempted escape, Seraphius elected to bring Finavir along. The two prisoners learned from Seraphius that Charles had actually saved his brother. He gave the duo a word of advice before bringing them before Revenant, to watch what they said and for Finavir to be as invisible as possible. Now finally meeting with their captor, Revenant offered Charles a deal. Work for him and guarantee a greatly reduced sentence, refuse and face the death penalty for sedition. With little to bargain with, Charles persisted to earn the freedom of his comrades. And with Finavir's aid it seemed that Kelsey and Vaeolin would be safe, for now. But Finavir found himself in a completely different position as a result. He was to be transferred under the authority of the Order Bishop, the man who kidnapped Cici . Now we pick up where we left off, with our two jailbirds being escorted through the city to fetch their personal belongings before the party is split.

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The Gate Chronicles (aka TGC) is an actual play RPG run in the Pathfinder RPG system. It is the second series running concurrently with Sword Art Online: AOD.

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Epidemic Sounds (Alon Ohana - Turkish Spirit, Mistrial; Alon Peretz - Peasants Courtyard)


Michael Ghelfi (Abandoned Cottage (Night), Prison, Torchlit Dungeon)


Monument Studios (Ambient Choir, Background Harp Theme, Emotional Atmos C, Old Town)


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