Misfits to Mavericks

From Misfits to Mavericks is an exciting conversational quest towards alchemy within business operations. Whether it be a start-up venture or a small-medium scaled enterprise, the goal is to always optimize and maximize what you have at hand, or what the market offers you, to the best of its potential.

That potential relies heavily on human beings, so the mission is to share the knowledge and possibly de-construct the standardized models of recruitment and qualifications through the firm belief that there is always a hidden talent in everyone!  

This podcast can also serve as a guide on how to challenge obstacles and seek opportunities, to increase your observational skills to ultimately overcome fear by tapping into your creativity.

It will give you some light on micro-management, scaling, and the distribution of power.

Sometimes, the so-called “Misfits” can be game-changers and if correctly observed, can turn into "Mavericks"!

Not every attempt will be a success, because if it were, would you be learning?