Digital Ministry Mastermind

You’ve got a dream to glorify God and make your mark on the world! Maybe you want to grow a business, start a ministry, or become a better servant leader. Whichever level in life you want to hit, I believe that God’s calling all of us towards something greater than where we are now. So, join me as I document my journey to learn how to grow a ministry in ways that are effective, Biblical, and aren’t stuffed with complicated religious or business terminology. My name is Alec Kassan, and welcome to the Digital Ministry Mastermind Podcast. 



Does Jesus Encourage Bribing People to Grow Our Ministry? ... (The Answer Is Not What You Think)
Show Details17min 3s
3 Simple Tips To Have Your IDEAL CUSTOMERS Coming To YOU!
Show Details15min 16s
6 Questions For Finding Your Perfect Customers… (#3 Is My Favorite)
Show Details15min 4s
4 Virtues That Allowed Jesus To Reach His “Ideal Customer…” And How YOU Can Too!
Show Details15min 53s
Is Hardship Having You Doubt God's Will For Your Life?
Show Details18min 16s
[STOP] The MUST KNOW Lessons I WISH I Knew When Starting My Ministry
Show Details19min 22s
3 Proven Ways To Develop Daily Disciplines... FAST!
Show Details11min 36s
How Our HIGH Expectations Causes Anxiety, Depression, And MISSING God's Calling In Life
Show Details22min 28s
The Secret Calling God Has For YOUR LIFE... (This truth might surprise you)
Show Details28min 24s
Are You Giving FREE Content But NOT Making BIGGER IMPACT? Listen To This Amazing Story From Zero To HERO
Show Details26min 41s
3 Steps To An INSTANT Confidence Boost And How YOU Can Reach New Heights in Your Ministry!
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GOD DOES NOT CARE About What You Do... [1:40 in will blow your MIND!]
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STRESSING When WAITING On God? You’ll Love These 2 Inspiring Stories
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If You Want An Impactful Ministry, Change THIS ONE THING!
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3 Ways the ENEMY IS DESTROYING YOUR MINISTRY and How You Can Quickly Prevent It
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ADVERSITY Is Crucial To Your Ministry’s Success. Learn Why!
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How To Improve Your GOAL SETTING With This Easy Tip!
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The Biblical Secret to Successfully Breaking BAD HABITS
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THE Winning Tactic For A THRIVING Ministry This NEW YEARS
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“Vanity Metrics...” Why It'll CRIPPLE Your Ministry And How You Can Prevent It
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Your Best Bet To Succeeding In Ministry And Life Is Found In This One Decision!
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3 Signs Your Ministry’s Ready To Make More Money, Reach More People, And Have Bigger Impact
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The Surprising Reason Why Most Ministries Fall Apart… And How YOU Can Avoid It!
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4 Incredibly Useful Resources To GUARANTEE Long Term Success In Ministry
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Why Christians Almost Always FAIL To SCALE Their ONLINE MINISTRY, And How YOU Can Avoid It
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Want to Scale Your Ministry’s GROWTH ONLINE? You Need To Hear This First
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Cure Your PROCRASTINATION Problem With 3 Simple Words
Show Details6min 40s
What Christians Ought To Know About PROCRASTINATION
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What Is the Digital Ministry Mastermind Podcast?
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