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Mindfulness and side-effects (contra indications)

Mindfulness as a psychological aid is very much in fashion. It has grown exponentially over the past decade and is now being used in therapy, counselling, business and even schools. However, the increase interest in mindfulness meditation now warrants a serious focus on its safety and potential side effects.

As mindfulness practices are spreading there is increasing evidence emerging of contra indications (side effects) associated with mindfulness-based interventions.

Traditions that have been practicing mindfulness for thousands of years identify potential pitfalls of mindfulness meditation, such as makyo (hallucinations) and "Zen sickness" – a sense of imbalance and loss of identity.

It is of critical importance that these warnings should not be glossed over by teachers of mindfulness.

The side effects of meditation with possible adverse reactions are increasingly being reported in the literature. Yet participant screening procedures, safety guidelines, and associated risks have not been developed and disseminated in field of mindfulness practice

This podcast will identify a variety of side effects associated with mindfulness, risks and preventative measures.


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