Mind of a Real

This show is hosted by me, Gabe, a 17 year old teen just wanting to express my truth. On this pod I speak on a lot of different issues, topics, and people. For the most part i'll be having fun just talking to you guys. Giving you all a dive into my mind. This is an open ended podcast, that means there is no set direction this show will go in, I really hope you guys enjoy. 


Mr. 22 Just Turned 19 (Episode 19) (Special Birthday Episode)
Show Details30min 23s
Gabe vs. Gabe ft. Niya (Episode 18)
Show Details1hr 19min
It's what needed to be said (Bonus episode 17)(Final part)
Show Details42min 56s
Team Meg or Team Tory? pt. 3 ft. Joel, My Bestfriend, Kiree, & Dre (Bonus Episode 16)
Show Details24min 16s
Team Meg or Team Tory? pt. 2 ft. Joel, My Bestfriend, Kiree, & Dre (Bonus Episode 15)
Show Details27min 19s
Team Meg or Team Tory? pt. 1 (Bonus Episode 14)
Show Details52min 17s
Relationships...2020...Enough Said ft. Joel, Chy Money, & Harmony. Pt 1 (Episode 12)
Show Details40min 51s
The Worst Top 10 Artist Lists Ever ft. Joel & Jayden (Episode 11)
Show Details52min 12s
Truth has no Gender ft. Emily (Episode 10)
Show Details34min 18s
Why Highschool Players Suck ft. Joel (Episode 9)
Show Details44min 12s
Mind & Body of a Real ft. Joel (Episode 8)
Show Details46min 12s
They'd do anything for clout... (Bonus Episode 7)
Show Details27min 39s
Having an Old-soul ft. Joel (Episode 6)
Show Details38min
Toxic Parents (Episode 5)
Show Details19min 22s
Significant other vs Best friend ft. Joel (Episode 4)
Show Details27min 37s
Mind of a Confession. (Episode 3)
Show Details9min 52s
Yo Corporate America... ft. Joel (Episode 2)
Show Details27min 25s
Intro Episode (Episode 1)
Show Details16min 15s