Mind Of A Real

A podcast co-hosted by two teens wanting to be used as a voice that inspires the masses while bringing a raw, uncut, & comedic approach welcoming people from all walks of life. On this podcast we speak on any and everything; So no one place, person, or situation is safe. The point of this show is to impact everyone we reach with the truth that resides in each of us while still making everyone laugh and feel good. We know you'll enjoy. 1Love


Power Of Networking Ft. Joel (Episode 59)
Show Details31min 9s
I HATE Dating Apps ft. Joel (Episode 58)
Show Details35min 1s
Happy Birthday Rona Virus ft. Joel (Episode 57)
Show Details51min 41s
Bathroom Rant- There Is No Line
Show Details23min 41s
Bathroom Rant- The Real Me
Show Details30min 13s
Identity Crisis Pt.2 Ft. Ryan & Joel (Episode 54)
Show Details34min 15s
Identity Crisis Pt.1 Ft. Ryan & Joel (Episode 53)
Show Details35min 31s
Bathroom Rant- I'm A Rebound...
Show Details26min 6s
Guide To Being A Man Ft. Nicktroy & Joel (Episode 51)
Show Details1hr 11min
Unlocking Your Higher Self ft. Niya (Episode 49)
Show Details1hr 23min
Bathroom Rant- Ayo Wtf?
Show Details42min 55s
Highschool Is Over Dawg... Ft. Cam (Episode 48)
Show Details57min 12s
How To Accidentally Join The Army ft. Jay Wavey (Episode 47)
Show Details46min 49s
More Life, More Love, More Blessings. (Bonus Episode) ft. MOR Family
Show Details1hr 25min
Guide To 2021 (Episode 46)
Show Details25min 37s
It's Not That Deep ft. Anthony & Joel (Episode 45)
Show Details1hr 19min
The Downfall Of Humanity (Episode 44)
Show Details1hr 13min
Bathroom Rant- Optimistic Expectations
Show Details21min 21s
Goodbye... (Episode 42)
Show Details54min 12s
The Rewind ft. Chy Money & Joel (Episode 41)
Show Details1hr 41min
Child Development Guide ft. Joel, Chy Money, & Ty (Episode 40)
Show Details34min 49s
Ghetto Breakfast Club ft. Kiree, Phillip, & Jc (Episode 39)
Show Details44min 7s
Bathroom Rant- Red Flags & Delilahs
Show Details50min 7s
Bathroom Rant- Friends
Show Details1hr 14min
Bathroom Rant- Power Of The Mind
Show Details1hr 15min
1k Special Part 2 "Chapter 1's End" ft. Nale, Chy Money, Niya, & Joel (Bonus Episode 35)
Show Details2hr 26min
1K Special Part 1 "The Prelude" ft. Jayden (Bonus Episode 34)
Show Details1hr 14min
1Love (Bonus Episode 33)
Show Details1hr 46min
Perception ft. Eman (Episode 32)
Show Details37min 5s
Bathroom Rant- Darker Room
Show Details1hr 10min
Disney or Dis Knee? ft. Joel (Episode 31)
Show Details1hr 8min
Let's Talk Music ft. Pjayy (Episode 30)
Show Details32min 2s
Welcome to Mind of a Real
Show Details1min 26s
Getting out the Hood ft. Nale (Episode 29)
Show Details57min 8s
Sadly... I'm A Simp ft. Joel (Episode 26)
Show Details1hr 6min
THE BEST EPISODE EVER!!!!!! ft. Nik (Episode 28)
Show Details2hr 8min
The Duality Of Standards ft. Joel (Episode 25)
Show Details35min 51s
Just Hear Me Out (Episode 27)
Show Details45min 14s
BET Awards Are Overrated ft. Joel (Episode 24)
Show Details36min 41s
Professional Sports Suck ft. Samir & Joel (Episode 22)
Show Details34min 46s
With All Due Respect... (Episode 23)
Show Details34min 10s
To Be or Not To Be Confident ft. Maryam & Joel (Episode 21)
Show Details42min 48s
Relationships...2020...Enough Said ft. Joel, Chy Money, & Harmony. Pt 2 (Episode 13)
Show Details42min 4s
Best Album of 2020 ft. Nale (Episode 20)
Show Details54min 10s
Mr. 22 Just Turned 19 (Episode 19) (Special Birthday Episode)
Show Details30min 23s
Gabe vs. Gabe ft. Niya (Episode 18)
Show Details1hr 19min
It's what needed to be said (Bonus episode 17)(Final part)
Show Details42min 56s
Team Meg or Team Tory? pt. 3 ft. Joel, My Bestfriend, Kiree, & Dre (Bonus Episode 16)
Show Details24min 16s
Team Meg or Team Tory? pt. 2 ft. Joel, My Bestfriend, Kiree, & Dre (Bonus Episode 15)
Show Details27min 19s
Team Meg or Team Tory? pt. 1 (Bonus Episode 14)
Show Details52min 17s
Relationships...2020...Enough Said ft. Joel, Chy Money, & Harmony. Pt 1 (Episode 12)
Show Details40min 51s
The Worst Top 10 Artist Lists Ever ft. Joel & Jayden (Episode 11)
Show Details52min 12s
Truth has no Gender ft. Emily (Episode 10)
Show Details34min 18s
Why Highschool Players Suck ft. Joel (Episode 9)
Show Details44min 12s
Mind & Body of a Real ft. Joel (Episode 8)
Show Details46min 12s
They'd do anything for clout... (Bonus Episode 7)
Show Details27min 39s
Having an Old-soul ft. Joel (Episode 6)
Show Details38min
Toxic Parents (Episode 5)
Show Details19min 22s
Significant other vs Best friend ft. Joel (Episode 4)
Show Details27min 37s
Mind of a Confession. (Episode 3)
Show Details9min 52s
Yo Corporate America... ft. Joel (Episode 2)
Show Details27min 25s
Intro Episode (Episode 1)
Show Details16min 15s