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Giving Voice to many inspirational quotes and poems to inspire, comfort, and motivate you especially during these challenging times.


Just Breathe / You Will Make It
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This Too Shall Pass / Your Power Within
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Friends Forever /the Value of having True Friends
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Children Learn What They Live / A Powerful Message to Parents
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Family: Where Life Begins and Love Never Ends
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Positive Morning Affirmations / Change Your Mind = Change Your Life
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Affirmations for Prosperity & Success
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You Have Greatness Within - Les Brown Motivation
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Life is like an Hourglass
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The Power of Forgiveness / It's hard, but is it worth it?
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Goodbye My Friend / Forever Missed
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Maya Angelou - Quotes to Inspire
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I Miss You Mom / Remembering a beautiful Mother
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Remembering My Dad
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Powerful Success Quotes from Napolean Hill
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For things to change - You must change
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Be Better Not Bitter
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Living Through Grief
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Choose Your Path in Life
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Always Be Thankful / Inspirational Video
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Write Your Own Story
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Success Mindset
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Face Your Fears
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I Never Got To Say Goodbye
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Remembering You Always
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Moving Forward In Life
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Learn From Your Mistakes
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Don't Judge - Seek to Understand Instead
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Tomorrow Is Not Promised
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Take Care Of Yourself
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Develop Good Habits
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The Man In The Arena (of Life)
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The Power of Self-Discipline
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A Strong Woman
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Persist and Persevere
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Have a Positive Mindset
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The Dash
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A True Leader
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Find Your Inner Strength
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Never Be Discouraged
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Follow Your Dreams and Keep Believing
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Live a Life that Matters and Make a Difference
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The Love of a Family
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Count Your Blessings and Be Thankful
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Thank You For Being My Friend(s)
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Small Acts of Kindness
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Forever In My Heart
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Remember Me When I Am Gone
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Believe In Yourself
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Don't Give Up
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Be True To Yourself
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Mind Garden Podcast Intro
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