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Seeking to inspire healthy living, spiritual connectedness and the use of skills and practices that balance personal power, radiance and magnetism.


Episode 35 - Be Careful Who You Open Your Spirit To
Show Details40min 34s
Ep 34: Living on Purpose Include Self Care
Show Details39min 45s
EP.33: Gods & Goddess in The Garden W/Saantis Davis
Show Details56min 13s
Ep.32: Self Care Edition
Show Details47min 27s
EP 31: Spirituality & Money, Philly Crystal Cookout Talk
Show Details50min 15s
Pivot 2 Prosper
Show Details55min 12s
Lunar Eclipse and a Full Moon, How The Cosmos affects your flow
Show Details53min 42s
Celebrating Crystals and More W/Xola
Show Details27min 45s
The Political Edition
Show Details40min 9s
CPR Training 101
Show Details12min 11s
Food as a Weapon
Show Details44min 58s
New-Black Wealth Series
Show Details31min 23s
Forget Who U Used to be
Show Details38min 24s
Manage YOUR Expections
Show Details33min 53s
Don't Shrink... Shine!
Show Details45min 25s
2018 Victims and Vampires
Show Details32min
Flat Belly Nutrition- Epi 4 The Bugs In Ur Belly
Show Details41min 52s
Flat Belly Nutrition Epi 3 The Liver
Show Details33min 59s
Flat Belly Nutrition Epi 2 Fat Burning Meal Spacing
Show Details40min 27s
Flat Belly Nutrition Epi1
Show Details42min 36s
Girl, Why Can't You Keep A Man?
Show Details33min 6s
Trust Your Instincts!!
Show Details29min 43s
Power of Vision Boarding
Show Details39min 35s
Show Details20min 18s
Stress Based Obesity-The Silent Killer
Show Details47min 11s
Mama Yoga Live- Harness The Power Of JOY
Show Details44min 23s
How to stop THE 20% from Draining 80% of your life
Show Details41min 35s
Over 35? Try Burst Training/HIIT/TABATA
Show Details30min 35s
Intermittent Fasting-Here's the Skinny!
Show Details40min 5s
Your Value-Your Happiness-Your Voice Matters
Show Details26min 46s
The Healing Power of Joy! EP.5
Show Details25min 38s
Cleansing for Weight Loss EP.4
Show Details30min 44s
Importance of Connecting to your Tribe EP.3
Show Details30min 28s
Yoga, Spirituality & Mind Body Energy Balance EP.2
Show Details23min 16s
Emotional Eating EP.1
Show Details32min 37s