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My Name is Sam, and I am the host of this podcast Milliontainmnet. This Milliontainmnet podcast is about Indian Emerging, young, and New entrepreneurs. This podcast will teach you how you can achieve success by becoming self-employed. This podcast is all about success, mindset, motivation, and strategies for becoming a successful entrepreneur.


How to do a strong Goal Setting (Hindi)
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How to Plan 2021 and how it should look like (Hindi)
Show Details3min 51s
Every time you hit the Rock bottom (Hindi)
Show Details2min 59s
Its worth fighting podcast (Hindi)
Show Details3min 13s
Compete with Yourself
Show Details2min 14s
Another Day Another Challenge
Show Details3min 44s
Keep Crushing (Celebrating 50 Episodes)
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What to do when you fail(Hindi)
Show Details2min 32s
Kill your limitations for Success (Hindi)
Show Details3min 15s
Why you are not Making progress(Hindi)
Show Details3min 24s
What will take you Forward in your LIfe ? (Hindi)
Show Details4min 21s
Why to Win over your laziness (Hindi)
Show Details3min 34s
Why no one Care about your Dream (Hindi)
Show Details2min 30s
Why we Should not expect anything from Anyone(Hindi)
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What is a commitment for your goal and dreams?(Hindi)
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What is the price of Success(Hindi)
Show Details2min 55s
Why there is no such thing like a MAGIC(Hindi)
Show Details3min 40s
How to Stop Thinking Negative (Hindi)
Show Details5min 35s
How Law Of Attraction Works (Hindi)
Show Details4min 9s
How to take Right and Effcetive decisions (Hindi)
Show Details4min 42s
Why you should not wait for an opportunity(Hindi)
Show Details2min 20s
Difference between Mindset and Motivation (Hindi)
Show Details2min 46s
Why people give up(Hindi)
Show Details5min 38s
What is fear how you can overcome(Hindi)
Show Details3min 5s
Why you should not fear of Rejection (Hindi)
Show Details3min 46s
Never give Up Powerful Motivational Podcast
Show Details3min 46s
3 Reasons Why you should not Listen to everyone (Hindi)
Show Details3min 34s
3 Lessons from Sushant Singh Rajput's Suicide
Show Details5min 48s
3 Reasons why you should think it is as an END(Hindi)
Show Details5min 4s
3 Reasons Why you should not give up when things go Hard(Hindi)
Show Details5min 32s
3 Reasons Why to leave an Impact on others.(Hindi)
Show Details5min 25s
3 Types of people always laugh at your hustle.
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3 Reasons Why you should Say yes to every opportunity (Hindi)
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3 Reasons Why you should have stronger vision(Hindi)
Show Details6min 11s
3 Reasons Why you should prove them wrong (Hindi)
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3 reasons why you need a system(Hindi)
Show Details5min 49s
3 reasons why nothing can stop if you are working hard.
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3 reasons why you should be accountable for your failure.
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3 reasons why you should get over to your weak mindset
Show Details6min 11s
3 Reasons why you don't have time to waste(Hindi)
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3 ways to use your pain to motivate yourself(Hindi)
Show Details4min 34s
Dont Break consitency
Show Details1min 38s
3 ways to become more confident (Hindi)
Show Details7min 12s
3 Ways you can become unstoppable (Hindi)
Show Details6min 40s
3 Things to keep in mind when Something goes wrong(Hindi)
Show Details6min 47s
3 reasons why you should not think about your competitor(Hindi)
Show Details4min 29s
3 Reason why you should not think about your haters(Hindi)
Show Details3min 28s
3 Reason why you should not feel embarrassed about whatever you are doing(Hindi)
Show Details6min 2s
3 Reasons why you should love and embrace your pain (Hindi)
Show Details5min 20s
3 Reasons Why Your new year resolution will fail (Hindi)
Show Details8min 23s
3 Reasons Why you should start over again(Hindi)
Show Details7min 57s
3 Reasons Why you should take massive action(Hindi)
Show Details4min 17s
3 Reasons Why you are never late to start a business(Hindi)
Show Details9min 34s
3 Reasons Why you should not give up(Hindi)
Show Details5min 32s
If you are keep going through hell.. then Keep going
Show Details4min 10s
Brief Intro about Milliontainment Podcast
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