S2:06: Are we learning? (Feat. Chad Rattray)

Season 2
52m | Nov 12, 2021

Is it necessary to go to school to be educated? Have new channels invalidated our archaic educational infrastructure?

On this episode we sat down with Chad Rattray.He is the producer of the TVJ (Television Jamaica) program "GENZED", the CEO of CR Learning Academy and a Prime Minister's National Youth Awardee for Excellence in Nation Building. Most importantly, he is a stakeholder in Jamaica's Youth and Education and as such we took the time to discuss both areas in depth. We spoke about the relevance of the Traditional Educational System in the modern era and also explored whether a combined effort between the Private and Public sector would rectify faults in structure. Moreover, how today's technology would compete with the whiteboard, amongst other pressing matters.

What do you think is wrong with the educational sector in Jamaica and what solutions do you think can create the largest impact in rectify these issues?

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