S2:05: Opportunity Across Borders (Feat. Queritel Discovery)

Season 2
58m | Oct 14, 2021

Queritel Discovery is a data collection company operating in Chile that utilizes its one of a kind software "Queritel" to crowdsource product performance data from individuals and corporations. On this episode Queritel's Jamaican founders Shani Bennett(CEO) and Kevonne Martin(COO) explain in full detail how they built the company, from the days at Jamaica Pegasus penciling out the idea on paper to securing funding and operating in Chile.

The story of these two startup founders accessing opportunity beyond Jamaica's borders is truly one of perseverance, passion and desire, the epitome of entrepreneurship.

Listen closely Business owners and potential business owners, opportunities for funding and finding product market fit don't only exist in Jamaica. Do not limit yourself to operating in local the markets , expand your horizon and watch your business grow with it.

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